Descending with Positive VS

Is it normal for a plane to continue to descend even though you have set your VS to positive. I have come upon the issue when I was descending into SFO and upon reaching 10,000 i was going too fast. I’ll own that violation they happen but something that shouldn’t happen though is the planes continued descent once i go from -1000 to +1000 fpm on the VS. Instead it resumed descent at -1000 further making my attempts to slow down futile and I have gained my 10th ever violation so not mad. Is this descent normal and if so can we just simplify vs and get rid of the positive and negative aspect?

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Hello not sure if this is right or not but ive noticed that vertical speed does not care if it is in the positive or negative just if your set altitude is above or below you

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so what you are saying is that if you have a set altitude vs direction becomes irrelevant?

From my experience yes

I would really like to know what the Devs say as they know what the plan was when creating the VS. model as if I was making a left turn but suddenly wanted to turn right to avoid hitting something my car should not continue to turn left if i turned the wheel right, no?

I know what you mean it has got me before aswell but would probably say that you should hand fly if required to avoid the conflict or violations maby they will change the way it works in an upcoming patch we’ll have to see what the future brings

yeah this is a rare issue to me being on the east coast flying a transcon red eye at night isn’t always convenient and i spaced on timing no complaint but i always felt that VS overrides altitude setting and this is my first ever negative experience so I was starkly confused so I don’t want to do it again lol.


The best way if you suddenly find yourself under FL100 over 250 knots is to bring your A/P altitude above 10000 and for example if your vs is set to -2000 you will immediately go to +2000. It can be a bit aggressive but it works 😁 And obviously extend spoilers and throttle to idle or set A/P speed to 250 and extend spoilers to avoid violations.

Edit: This is all my opinion other people may do it differently

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It’s happened to me sometimes not often but I turn off the AP and Reengage the AP and always worked for me. The F14 is the one I have had act funny the most, but just resting clears the issue up.

From my experience, if you set your Altitude to 8000 and you descending at VS - 1500 thought FL15000 and you move the VS to a positive, it will still descend because the flight director was instructed to descend to 8000ft.

Best way to avoid spees violations is to set Altitude for FL110 or higher, lower your speed to 220-240kts. Wait for the aircraft to stabilize at the altitude and speed them descend further.
I have over 3900hrs in IF and only 46 violations. I learnt this tip in my first 500hrs of IF.

Happy landings. I hope it helps.

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Thanks for the info like i said its not like i’m new to the game but this is my first interaction with something of this nature as this is a mistake i normally don’t make. Like i said it’s only my 10th ever violation in my 2 and a half years maybe a little more using this sim. now at 1800+ hours i am nowhere near have as many hours as yours i just at this point want to know if this was the intentional set up for the coding.

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the vs on screen when you are controlling it can display a negative or positive number so in a sense could if needed be positive and override the descent that was always how i saw it.

After you set a VS (regardless positive or negative) , it won’t activate unless you press it and it turns into orange. Rule of thumb, when VS is positive, your plane goes up, vice versa for negative VS. The indicated VS on your HUD works the same way. PM me if you still have questions.

i dont think you are understanding what I am saying both VS and the ALT are active. Lets say im at FL140 descending to FL9000 and upon reaching 10,000 im still too fast the VS still orange I will switch from -1000 to +1000 to try and help stay above 10,000 avoiding violations and knocking off some speed. I don’t appreciate you treating me like i am stupid. the confusion comes in on why after while activated the VS is positive but the plane continues to proceed in a negative direction. As some others have said earlier that the plane follows ALT over VS but I am asking for DEVS to explain if this intentional or something that hasn’t been much of an issue before. @nincombop

@schyllberg do you have any insight on this?

Oh now I see. Then descend to below 10000’ at 240kts. If you’re coming in at say 300kts, then use spoilers. Didn’t mean to call you stupid at all, please take a chill pill and don’t take it that way.

Never descend to 10000 too hot because you’ll always have to set your alt to 10100 then slow down then continue your descend.

If ALT is enabled, VS will target that. Negative or positive won’t matter. I can somewhat understand it can be confusing. But it wouldn’t make any sense to for example fly at 4000ft, have ALT set to 2000ft and the VS set to +500fpm.


Ok thank you for your input I will keep that in mind in my next descent.

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