Descending via STAR

Hi-I was flying to LGA and on NY Center. I requested a descent via the STAR I selected. There was no ATC at LGA but the controller told me to amend to an ATC preferred arrival. What should I do here as there are no ATC preferred arrivals? Thanks.

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If ATIS is active, you should listen to that first to make sure of the preferred ATC arrival procedures.

Nothing was active. JFK had ATC but not LGA. So I was using a STAR that fit my flight plan, but I was told to amend.

It is possible the controller thought I was going to JFK, but I requested an approach to LGA to attempt to clarify and still got the same response about modifying my STAR

It sounds like in your case the controller wanted you to use an ATC preffered STA R because of the high traffic volume at JFK. LGA and JFK can have conflicting arrivals with the volume of planes, this was during FNF on expert? If you know who the controller was message them and I’m sure they will clarify.

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I’m sure that’s what it was. I’m from NYC so I know the airspace well. I was trying to fly the highway visual to 31 and the STAR would have kept me out of the way of the JFK arrivals on the 22s. No matter though-was just curious if there is a command to use when this happens as I was confused about what to do.

Hi @Max_Shapiro

Sounds like there could have been a few reasons for this such as the ones mentioned above; but in any case, please do message the controller to find out as it’s always a great learning experience for everyone involved.

I don’t want to assume what might have been the reason but as Center is still quite new, all the controllers are still getting use to how it functions, so thank you for your patience and for asking the question.