Descending 10k ft

Hey guys,
I’m just wondering how far out of the destination airport I should be at 10,000 ft. Usually, I do 50 nm but that always ends up being too low. Does anyone know what distance works best to be at 10k ft?


I’m passing by 10000 feet at around 40nm

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Normally between 30-45nm (35-40 on average) is the right range to be at FL100/10000ft

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That does highly depend on the airport’s elevation.

I always go by the minutes and 10000 AGL should be passed with ETA 6-7 minutes for a relaxed approach.


Im usually at 10000ft AGL once I pass 50nm then continue descending at -900fpm and arrive at 3000ft AGL on final.

It depends also on airport elevation. Sometimes 40NM is good distance and sometimes 25/30NM can be enough.

I descend in an other way. Suppose I’m flying at 30000ft or FL300, then we have to do some calculation. From FL300 I take 30 and multiply it with 3. 30×3=90 so I start my descend at 90nm away from the destination but 90+10=100 for approach and if headwinds are present then 100-10=90nm and for tailwinds 100+10=110nm from the destination till 4000ft at -1800vs with speed 250kts and -1700 for speed 240kts

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10000ft AGL should be around 30-40nm

See the descent section:
It’s an adaptation to Infinite Flight. On real Airbus it does not work like that. But this adaptation helps to simulate it

That’s what I usually do. It seems to work most of the time. At Denver or any high altitude, I do 20000 through 40 nm

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