"Descend to pattern altitude"

So I was on advance in the London region the other day and the ATC at Birmingham told me to “Descent to Pattern altitude” And I was getting annoyed because I don’t know how to tell what pattern altitude is.

Is it the green thing at the top right corner when you click at and airport? Is so please explain that :)

Thank you very much for your help!

Pattern altitude is at which aircrafts do patterns around the airport.
It is mostly

  • 1000ft Above Ground Level for props
  •              1500ft above Ground level for jets

Certain airports have different altitudes, sometimes the altitude(s) are on the charts too :)


Thank you DJ, Dush and Brandon :D. Appreciated

No worries my friend. If they where at 3000 ft in the pattern we would never be able to give transitions. @Captain_DJ

“friend”? really? I’m confused. Anyway, back on topic. Last words from me. We’ve finally figured out patterna altitude, and I’ve learnt something new. I’ve actually learnt a lot of things :D

Incorrect the first number from srf- whatever that airport is, is the towers airspace the other two are approach.

I may give you a hard time but I consider us still friends. Maybe I’m wrong ?

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If you are really interested in that conversation, please PM me. This is an active topic which describes nothing about friendships. This is a topic about pattern altitude.


Sometimes, when there is no approach controller and a plane contacts my tower frequency, I say “descend to pattern altitude” because they come in way too high. It’s not the best way to say it, but with the limited commands it gets the point across.

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That’s exactly what it’s there for @Rock77

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