Des Moines Int'l airport plans for new terminal

The title say it all, construction is estimated to start in 2022 and will cost roughly $500 million dollars to complete.

my opinion: I think it’s great that they’re getting a new terminal! Their current terminal feels older and kind of cramped, hopefully the new up and coming terminal will give them more attention.

The current terminal

Plans for new terminal

What are your opinions on this?


I’m not familiar with Des Moines, but it looks like a great upgrade to the airport. I’m sure it will help with traffic flow inside the airport as well.


It’s been a while since I looked at an airport from Iowa. I agree ☝️ that Des Moines International should upgrade their terminal. The old one doesn’t have enough gates for aircrafts, while the new one does!

This airport is like a motel for aircrafts. Not a lot of aircrafts come here :/


Hopefully the new terminal attracts airlines like southwest and delta to fly more aircraft there

It’s good plan with the great new design, but it’s the airport that decide they need to see if they have a lot of traffic And they attract mor traffic with this makes sense I think it’s worth $ 500 mill . with that beautiful design

I’m pretty sure that KDSM has always wanted to add new routes and even new airlines to fly at KDSM, and this new terminal might open up those chances

They needed an upgrade, I fly in there off and on but my home is CID.

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I’m glad they’re getting an upgrade, as airlines keep expanding there so they could keep up with traffic!

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They definitely do! Like I said it feels cramped

And it feels old, you want to fly for Allegiant one day? I do maybe will work togeather.

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That would be awesome! Just who would be the pilot 🤔

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