Derp_PH's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN - PASSED]


Hello everyone!

This would be my first post and activity here in IFC. I want to improve on my ATC before I try applying to become an IFATC.

Airport: VHHH - Hong Kong Int’l Airport
Server: Training Server
Frequencies: Ground / Tower

Your feedbacks are all welcome. Thank you very much! See you in the skies!


Hi @Derp_PH, are you still open? I do not see you at VHHH.

Will be there in a bit. I just waited for my topic to be approved. See you there!!

Thanks for the service. My callsign is F-EASON, Here is my feedback

Transition❌ You give me 7000ft, too high

For Infinite Flight, Tower airspace is defined as the most immediate ring/boundary surrounding the airport and up to 5000ft AAL (therefore if the elevation of the airport is 1000ft, the tower’s airspace would be 1000ft – 6000ft).

The correct should be 2500, Airport AAL 20ft round up to 500, 500+pattern altitude 1500+500 free space=2500

Pattern entry✅

Clear for option❌You didn’t give me clearance when I was on final, we usually give clear for option When aircraft turn into downwind, also when I said full stop, you should give clear for option because I am pattern aircraft, if I change my idea to make another pattern flight, won’t be able take off again, because you already said clear to land

Go around✅

Maintain slowest practical speed❌

If a Controller needs more separation the use of ‘maintain slowest practical speed’ can be utilized, however this should not be used within 4 miles to touchdown as it is likely the aircraft is already at its final approach speed.

unnecessary instruction, is pilot job to figured out final approach speed, if they can’t land, they will call go around.

Exit runway speed❌

The Exit Runway command should be given once the aircraft is at a safe and controlled speed, typically less than 70kts

My suggestion is read IFATC Manual will help you to improve your ATC skills💪
Sorry for crazy landing😬, sleep time😂


ATC @ VHHH is done!

Thank y’all! I’ll do my best in reviewing the manual to provide better service next time.

Next stop: RP.**

Thank you very much @Eason_F! Will take note of everything.

See you again soon!

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Airport: RPLL - Ninoy Aquino Int’l Airport
Server: *Training Server *
Frequencies: Ground/Tower

See you there! Feedbacks are most welcome.

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Coming right now

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I’ll stop by 😄

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Aww my bad! I gave you left traffic when you requsted full stop. Just realized now.

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Just a few notes:
For the most part, everything was good!
The clearances were a bit late, I recommend on crosswind or early downwind.
The second time I said full stop, so you could’ve either cleared for option or land, (landing is preferred her) but the “after the option, make ----- traffic” is unnecessary
Exit runway command given kinda late, but I understand you were focusing on K-POP in the air


On my way! C:

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ok heres my feedback:

Transition was good
pattern work was ok me and the A319 almost colided on that one departure
*in that instance you could tell me to maintain slowest practical speed before I landed to get some space between us
re-pattern entry was good

Ping me on your next opening

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It was overall good, maybe you can polish up abit

  • On my first circuit, considering our tight pattern with @IF787 , sequencing could be issued abit earlier. Extend downwind wasn’t needed. (P.S : I’m sorry that I turned earlier before the “turn base” command)
  • I don’t recommend having pattern work on both Runway 13 and 06 at the same time. If you have to do pattern work at both runways, it would be recommended to ultilize “Extend Downwind” and “Extend Upwind” to delay potential seperation issues.
  • I don’t think left traffic for Runway 06 is a good idea considering you have a pattern for runway 13 which may cause seperation issues
  • One seperation issue with @USA_ATC. Could have been prevented by the point I listed above

I think that’s all, @USA_ATC already covered the transition so I didn’t feel the need to did one. Overall it was a pretty good session ;)

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@George @USA_ATC I panicked during that time because I really did not know what instruction to give anymore. So I’ll thank you for your inputs.

See you soon on my next ATC session!!

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Noted @IF787. Thank youu!

ATC @ RPLL is now closed!

Thank you for helping me with stuff here with ATC training. Hope to see you all soon!

Hello guys! I am at Tokyo-Haneda!


See you there!

ATC @ LFBO (Ground and Tower)

At the Training Server. Please drop by and give feedbacks. Thank you.

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