Derek_McCauley's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m a glutton for punishment. Im manning tower/ground at JFK right now. Come test me. I’m ready.

I Highly do no recommend KJFK it is way to prominent of trolls and will cause issues with you learning.

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I’ve had a couple of inexperienced persons, but some good experience. Might change it up in a bit.

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If I may make a suggestion? Places with traffic are usually no good, as pilots won’t always follow your instructions. Maybe try airports far away from any busy airspaces for the best practice experience 🙂

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All good feedback, and it was getting busier. I’ve switched to my home hub where I learned to fly IRL and got my license, KLBB. It’s a good half way point between the coasts and in the middle of friggen nowhere USA. Come fly in 😊

I think im late again 😭

OOOO and just like good ole Lubbock, she’s windy today. 35024G31. Right down runway 35L

If you’re online, come to KLBB. Happy to have you, I left KJFK for the anarchists.

Oh, great!

@diego11 I already know what you’re going to say. Why did I give you the Option and to make left traffic when you announced inbound to land. It’s a great question. LOL

Great landing by the way. That Xwind is knarly

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If you’re still open I’ll come by.

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@greenfire, still here.

Lol, its ok

@DIEGO11 737 on a 2800’ runway? Not today satan.


Lol i didnt see the rwy 35R long

@DIEGO11 it’s not completely fair because I trained here IRL. I have the taxiways and runways memorized


Things done right:

  • Unable to opposite end of runway
  • Sequencing
  • Sequencing and clearance timing, wait until late base to give time for aircraft to request dep etc.
  • Use already cleared to land for unneccesary reports about position
  • If they call full stop. “Say roger” If you’ve already cleared for the option. Full stop is simply advisatory. No new clearance needed
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@GreenFire Thanks for the feedback. i agree on all points. I still struggle with the phraseology options available. Do you know of any mapping or list all the ATC commands out there? It seems to be a unicorn.

The only mistake at the moment is when I asked for full stop, you gave me the authorization to land again. cleared for the option allows you to make a full stop, so when they send it to you, there is no need to give the landing authorization again, just use “Roger”. As @GreenFire say above.

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Please if you need people to practice other day just tag me!

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