Dereckyared14’s Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ N/A [Passed Written]

Hey Everyone! Today I will be controlling NZCH for 30-60 minutes or more depending on what happens. I am trying to practice more on controlling airports with intersecting runways. If you are willing to come and want to give feedback please do! If not, no worries just enjoy doing patterns or whatever you may want to do. Hope to see y’all in a bit!

Current Status;

Airport: N/A

Departure runways: N/A

Landing runways: N/A

Status: CLOSED

Aircrafts accepted: Any except the F22 or anything related to that.

Frequencies available: Tower & Ground

Best Regards,

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I’ll stop by!

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Great! See you there.

@ToasterStroodie @Austrian001!

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Hey there! You did good. Just one mistake!

  • The Transition altitude you gave me was high. It should’ve been 10,000ft. Not 13,000ft. The format for transition altitudes is this. You add 1,500 + 1,000 and then round it up to the nearest 100th.


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Got it. Thanks for coming Mason!

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Hi Dereck! I can not come today. Hopefully next time.

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Hey everyone! I am open once again for an hour. @Vignesh_S @Austrian001 @MJP_27 @PilotPeanutButter and everyone else!

Changed to LFBO now!

I am now open at @KLCK!

I am open for the next hour at KPVD! @Steven_Tellmann @NoahKerr & anyone else that would like to join !


First- Thank you for the service

  • excellent job, Transition altitude good
  • pattern entry great
  • nice sequence and clearances
  • only issue was telling PY turn base. Try not to overcontrol. Let them turn base on their own unless their is a conflict. If he wants to fly full cone, resequence as necessary. Example Sequence me 1 and PY to follow me.

Great job


Thanks for the feedback! Got it, I’ll try not to over control using commands like those. Thanks for coming, hope to see you on the next one!


I am now open at @NZHC! @Austrian001 @Hogwyld @Steven_Tellmann @PilotPeanutButter & everyone else!


OK I am coming

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[21:36] - Was told to turn crosswind when no upwind conflict

That’s my only feedback, great job Dereck!


Good control skill!!

I am B-LSM, grade 2 IFATC in Training.

Something want to remind:

  1. I announced that I am on the final rw 20, full stop. but you didn’t give me Roger until I land on the rw. So hope you next time, you can correct it.

Good things: RW change is good
Can Handle a bit difficult airport
Clearance is good
Sequence is good

Hope you have a good day🤗🤗

P.S: sorry I didn’t announce taxi to parking until near the gate. Sorry for that.

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Thank for coming and for the feedback also!


Got it. No worries. You too, thanks for coming!

Great job again.

My only feedback is that if you have minimal aircraft in pattern, you should always try to accommodate a rwy change. At some point you will need to be able to handle intersecting rwys. That cub could have been put on 11 and then you would have to “extend upwind” " call base" to space out. Work on it sometime. And REMEMBER you are in control of your airspace so you could always add them back to 20 if lets say another aircraft joins the pattern. Good job though.

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