Dereckyared14’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [Passed Written]

Do you mean EDT?

Public IFATC Manual:

6.3.3 A transition must only be approved within tower’s airspace (so in the example above, no
higher than 6000ft). Separation should be applied if the tower controller has aircraft in the
6.3.4 Using the above example, if the tower controller has 2 jet aircraft in the pattern, with an
airport elevation of 1000ft, they would be expected to fly the pattern at 2500ft, therefore a
transition for another aircraft must be given that still allows it to stay within the tower’s
airspace (up to 6000ft) but also gives separation to those that are in the pattern. 3500ft
would be a sensible target in this particular example (see 10.3.2 below).

Based on this information, what did we get wrong with the transition?


I’ve joined I’ll do a few patterns to the south (G-TOBY)

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Ok, so, when I call in, as there is no approach active, I’m expecting a few things: a pattern entry (how I know where to fit into the current pattern), a sequence (who I’m following and what number I am), and then finally my clearance, which, as I called for a T&G, should have been for the option as well :) Clearing for landing only allows an aircraft a full stop. You skipped right to clearance there.

I think a few tutorials to help you understand some of these concepts would be these:

These videos are a little outdated but most of the information still applies. If you have any questions feel free to let me know via PM! Had to leave so I can help someone else out with a Training Session :)


Thanks for the feedback I’m still learning on transition I think I need to learn more about that

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No worries! Take a look at what I said above and the information I provided directly from the published ATC Manual meant for people who are learning just like you!
If you have any questions on it or are still unsure of how to best provide the transition feel free to PM me.

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Hey, I was VIGNESH,

  • you didn’t clear me for the option after taking off from 7L making left traffic and you also said 'cleared to land" instead of ‘cleared for the option’, (which means option of a landing / touch & go / stop & go or low approach.)

sorry I had to leave, couldn’t give more feedback. If possible try opening at a smaller airport for a better experience. There seemed to be many pilots there who weren’t doing touch and goes.

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Thanks for the feedback I’m trying to read them but I’m trying to focus on this as well lol and it’s a bit overwhelming and it’s one of the reasons I’m making mistakes like I know all of those things but because I am overwhelmed I kept making mistakes next time I’ll be controlling a smaller airport to make it more easy for me thanks for the feedback really appreciate it!

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Hey there! Here’s my feedback

  • you gave me a transition above 6000 it is pretty high you must have given me 3500 max 4000
    1235 airport altitude + 1500 pattern work + 1000 separation
  • once I asked for inbound you directly gave me clearance with no sequence nor pattern
  • I was wating for a time just to have the clearence for the takeoff + you gave [southwest 2531] hold position while the runway was clear and no one was on final
  • you gave me clearance for takeoff make right traffic but I was waiting for the clearence for too long and still haven’t had the clearance so once a plane is airborne directly give the clearence if he was number 1
    I do recommend reading the manual + watching the YouTube channel

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Thanks for the feedback @Abalnaseeb right after I’m done with this I will read everything and look at the resources to help me out and improve on my ATC!

G-TOBY here
This was comparable to most training server ATC I’ve experienced. The messages between myself and you were on the nose apart from the wrong takeoff clearance. However I kept an eye out for what the you were saying to other planes and some where a hazard take Allegient 129 @ 2039Z they had taxied to rwy26 when the active runways were 8 and 7L/7R You could’ve used exit runway when able and contact ground then issued a clearance to the appropriate runway. The same with Envoy 410. There were small hiccups but thats fine. My advice slow down a bit take a breath drink a capri sun, I would rather a late clearance than a wrong one and if you dont know what to do just think. Scroll through the commands and see what fits best for the situation.
Dont lets this put you off being ATC again. You will learn all IFATC make mistakes you will too. Keep hosting ATC tracking and read manuals you’ll get there. :)

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Thanks! I noticed a lot of mistakes I did, I guess I just got under pressured and accidentally pressed on this and made mistakes but I will be taking these feedbacks and work on my self out, these feedbacks are really helpful so thank you and all of you who did. I will be controlling tomorrow at a smaller airport to start from there. Thanks, safe flights!

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Hey guys! Today was fun. I know I did some mistakes and I’m sorry about that I got a little under pressured and yea lol but I will try my best to improve my ATC skills and I can’t promise I won’t make more mistakes but I can promise that I will do better. Again thanks to all the people that gave me feedback it actually really helps, so thank you! Tomorrow I decided to go somewhere smaller so I’m going to be controlling KSJC or KSAN tomorrow at 3:30 PM EST depending if someone is controlling KSAN tomorrow at that time and if there is no one controlling I would control KSAN instead. Either way i will let you guys know and keep you guys updated 24/7. Please if you have any feedback that you may have, feel free to tell me and for the people that gave me feedback today keep giving me feedback and trying your best to attend tomorrow or any day, because feedback would be truly appreciated. Again thanks for everyone who attended thank you and hope to see you tomorrow :)

Update: I decided to control TIJG (Puerto Rico, my home!)

Just wondering…Is that the smaller San Juan airport? I have flewn to Luis Munoz Airport few years ago when I came to Puerto Rico for a vacation :)

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That is the is the airport right next to the TJSJ (San Juan Luis Munoz) TJIG is the one next to it that it is most used for smaller aircraft like the CRJ’s, e175, and general aviation of-course. I was deciding on whether I should do TJSJ or TJIG but I decided to go with TJIG because the Runway layout for TJSJ would be hard to do patterns in however I could control TJSJ If it would be preferable for most if you!

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But in real life they use TJIG for general aviation most often.

KSAN is now open if anyone wants to come by!

I can stop by in about five minutes.

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Great, see you then!

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