Deputy CEO/President

In almost every VA/VO, I see that there is a “Deputy CEO” or “Deputy President”, does anyone know what do they do, and what it means?

A deputy ceo, president, or VA co-leader is the person responsible for the major decisions of a VA that works alongside the CEO. For bigger VA’s, this can be larger issues, partnerships, developing new programs, to small VA’s, it could be managing pilots and training pilots directly and logging flights.

For new VA’s, the deputy CEO is the person that helped develop the VA, created parts of the website, and helped hire staff and bring the ceo vision to life.


I see, thanks!

Hey! I’m the COO of VGVA so I’ll try and give you some insight into what my job entails. What I tend to do on a daily basis is to loads between the executive team and the rest of the team. I also work with Trevor (our CEO) to come up with ideas and work on bringing them to life.


I am @natedog508 's wingman for the most part and aid him in running the VA. I will also help with decisions on bog things in the VA.


How much staff does VGVA have?

My deputy is @Moonlit he essentially helps to manage the staff team takes the pressure off myself as 2 pair of hands is better than one! He also deals with partnerships and helps with new projects.


My COO is @Albatross_Prince and he does whatever I need him to do or if I go on a leave of absence (like i am now) he runs it.

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Our executive team consists of our CEO (Trevor), COO (me), Chief Pilot (Knellered) and our Executive Director (Chris). The events team has 2 members (Juan and AviationMad) and we also have Steve, our Flight Manager, and Nick, our recruitment manager. So 8 in total.

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