Deprived Russian IFC

Hello, I want to discuss such a topic as restricting Russia.
Let’s get going.
The Russian community in IF is not so small, we have about 3,000 subscribers, in our social network in Russia.
Why are we deprived of liveries, airports, and in general?
Why don’t our liveries get their votes in #features? They’re beautiful!!

Since I'm here 2018, there is no updates in Russia, only 777-200 Nordwind... and that's for 2 years...

We talk about that’s liveries…

  1. S7 Airlines - Siberian Russian operator
    It’s new branded A320 livery.

  2. Aeroflot celebration liveries (95 years in sky)

And i know about #features don’t tell me that

  1. Pobeda 737-800
    Before I switched from Pobeda to Aeroflot in IRL…
    I really like that livery… The airline is named as best Russian Lowcoster.

All I’m saying is don’t separate individual regions. We are all united.
I hope the developers will hear my request because it is unfair to other regions.
#staysafe people.


You can make different Feature request for the liveries you consider missing.

I would love to see more representation for Russia in IF especially the addition of Pobeda one of my favorite liveries on the 737.

They are, and are not popular, respectively, we will be ignored.

There are 6 aircraft that feature the S7 and Aeroflot liveries. Not that underrepresented.


Bump them with a comment and vote for them.

Hey you should probabl-

ok nevermind
Also i think the devs are just busy with clouds and terminals

S7 - outdated.
A320 - yes… but we need A321…
Pobeda - there is no.

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He has a point

Doesn’t work cuz no one interest’s in Russia.

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Im not he :D (I’m women)

little harsh but understandable

I actually meant about Trio’s post but know i dont know

Then bump the topic and give some info about the livery and the airline, post videos of the aircraft etc…
My point is, make the topic interesting, flag the old ones for closure if they’re poorly done.

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I understand that the game is made in America, but why other airlines are all right with liveries, and Russia - no dispatchers, liveries, and especially airports :(


Saying that, I completely understand why you’d want to advocate for more liveries from your home country. :)

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I’m all for adding Pobeda and for fixing liveries that need attention!

IF needs to do a livery overhaul.

They don’t get votes because people don’t want them. Simple as that

It would be great if we could draw these liveries ourselves.

Yeah… Yeah… cuz you only want fly British, Delta and Lufthansa.