Depression within aviation

Depression is not a well discussed subject at any level least of all aviation.
I stand proud in admission that I have Depression I refer to it as a black cloud my black cloud has been with me a long time now

Medication keeps my levels at bay however I suffered a great deal in my youth my goal here is to open up a free discussion on Depression how it may affect you past or present or even a family member role and name changes will never be discouraged on the basis of it assisting in expressing a viewpoint all other guidlines relevant to the topic still stand

I urge those who have suffered from this severe mental state illness to find sanctum in a PM if public speaking is not your thing

In addition this matter is a sensitive subject for many
please remain conscious of others and there feelings when commenting

Many thanks



It takes a lot of courage to open up about that, so well done! I haven’t had it myself, but i can only imagine how tough it must be and i hope that anyone suffering from it manages to escape it.

I don’t want to be disrespectful so please don’t get offended, but this isn’t really related at all to Infinite Flight so i don’t think this subject alone belong here on the forum. But hey, thats just my opinion.


It’s more aimed towards people like me ex pilots struggling with the adjustments that brings, maybe your right I’m not sure to be honest I just thought I may find someone else in a similar situation

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The topic is related to aviation, that’s why it is in the real world aviation topic. It’s a real world problem.

Also I may point out to further educate people on this topic. There have been multiple in cockpit pilot suicides.


Natalie, thank you.

Mental illness isn’t like fever. You can’t just measure one‘s temperature to see if they’re fine. It’s difficult to recognize, especially when you don’t know a person.

That’s what makes it so difficult in aviation too. Detecting the warning signs is hard and we saw some cases where it ended tragically.

Got some more things to say, but I’ll send you a PM for that. Anyway: Thank you.


These posts are why I love this community, depression is often looked down upon or even made fun of and like @Marc said depression a lot of times ends tragically and I feel its because people are to scared to be judged or looked down on due to something that can’t be controlled and isolation is depressions best friend so the feeling of being alone because you are scared to talk about it just makes everything worse. Thank you for this post it needs more discussion and people need to ask questions, people also need to know its ok to talk about it

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I also got depression. As a trans person I feel.

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I too suffer from depression. When I was younger I was abused mentally and physically by my brother, to this day I try to forget about it and find the light in the tunnel :)


I am so proud of everyone on this topic. This is why I’m proud of the community. My dad suffers depression as a teen and got to the point of near suicide, but found God. I was going down the road of depression, but in 7th grade some great friends bailed me out and led me on the right path. I’m now one of the most liked kid in school and just happily graduated 8th grade. I would like to say this to all who suffer or suffered: find God a good friends, and you can do anything.


I’m so sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ll get out of the tunnel and the world will shine bright for you :)

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I personally sometimes feel depressed, but its nothing to what people have. My friend has/recovering well from depression. I never felt more bad for people with depression than ever. Those cuts were horrifying and I was scared for him, It got to the point where he got class scissors and cut himself and started opening up the skin. Anyways depression can get people down and potentially some never get up again. But if people believe in yourself and you have the right friends who care for you then you can stand up and stand up stronger than ever.

Hopefully you can get off the meds soon and recover :)

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Took a lot of courage to make this thread . I unfortunately had a nervous breakdown back in June of 2014, even though still continue to go to therapy I really haven’t been able to be the same person I was before.


I have depression. Its been good for about 6 months now. Usually it gets very bad around April and May but hasn’t this year. It once got so bad that I had to go to a psych hospital for a week and had to go to 2 months of therapy. Now, I try to stay as positive as possible and it seems to work. Depression is no joke.

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And to add on,
Its so sad to see depression within aviation as well. Like think of GermanWings 9525, or the SeaTac Hijack for example. Death by plane kills so many innocent people


Depression hasn’t creeped it’s way into aviation. Depression is a problem that has been affecting people for thousands of years. Only recently have we started to develop a true understanding of what it is and what causes it.


If only funding and treatment was so well understood

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Thanks for sharing this with us.
I’ve learnt that I have to be a bit more-open minded about my surroundings, as I never thought of aviation with depression. I myself have never had or even heard of depression in aviation, as I always thought that aviation was all nice and colorful. Unfortunately, so many people give up their lives these days due to depression, and it really makes me sad. Hopefully you, and the others can get better as soon as possible, and you gotta stay strong. Sorry for what you’re going through, its really sad… And it really does take guts to post something like this, as it really Is a sensitive topic, so kudos to you buddy. Great friends are the key element to cure depression, and you’ve got lots around you, at home, and on the IFC :)
Strong regards from the IFC,


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