Deployable objects from aircraft

Good day everyone,

Please read the post carefully so you can fully understand this feature request and what I suggest it should entail.

It would be awesome if we could drop objects like cargo or para-troopers/skydivers from aircraft in Live & Solo modes. That would allow us to have air drop contests or practice air drops. It would also be great if we could deploy weapons from fighters (bombs, missiles and bullets).

For this to work in Live, these features would be regulated by IFATC and/or mods. Only certain rooms would allow you to use these features (I suggest Expert server) during contests. Anyone abusing the privilege would have it shut off for their callsign.

In solo mode there wouldn’t be any trolling issue so you would have these capabilities at all times as long as you’re flying an aircraft that can airdrop people or cargo or deploy weapons.

Feel free to comment, thanks.

Skydiver driver 👌👍🏼👍🏼 This would be awesome!


I agree. There’s a couple of civil & military aircraft that would be awesome in this capacity. With fuel dump being worked on, the avenue for deployable objects is being paved.


Would be awesome to have bombs drop from military aircraft or have skydivers come out from a Cessna 208.


Good punishment for that. I’ll bookmark it since I got demoted from regular and have no votes.

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Would be great to be able to drop pallets out of the back of the C130 Cargo Hold or drop rafts into the water for rescues! This could be an amazing feature!

Would be great for possible future events such a search and rescue off the coast of a country etc… you would then proceed to launch rafts and objects off the back of the coastguard (or any) C-130. (Just an example event).

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Just like @Charles_Fosbroke said.

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I don’t think this should be focused on in the near future. Although it would be interesting to see in Infinite Flight, I don’t think it fully contributes to the realism we seek to obtain. Also, we don’t have 3-D buildings, or even a pushback truck, which has been proposed. How do you expect something like this to be rendered in Infinite Flight? Overall, the idea is great, but I think we are getting a little too ahead of ourselves here. (:

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This would be awesome , I’ll give you this one! Voted :)

I’m a-ok with everything but the armaments. There are other sims if you want to blow stuff up, please let me fly my airliner in peace.




This would be a cool feature however it would be way down the road as the developers have their own plan for what to do with the app right now

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This may be an easier way because it is designed in the aircraft

(Taken at 00:53 into the video below that goes further into the hurricane hunting aspects including the hurricane hunter ac130j. Credit: The Joint Forces Channel (Youtube))

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That’s why IFATC & mods would have ultimate control over all deployables. Each room would have deployables governed by FDS. TS1 should not have deployables in my opinion.

Nice idea sadly I ran out of votes😔

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I know but I don’t know which one

they should have like a dog fight mode in the settings if you were to do missles other guy in a f22 go for it!
me flying my UPS 757 nope