Tip of he day, if you are departing an airport and approach / departure is working on Expert server. Listen and follow ALL Instructions. Just because you take off does not mean you can climb as fast as you want to get to over 10,000 ft so you can then go 550 kts . If we tell you to climb to only 4000’ or 7000’ it’s for a reason. We are watching what’s going on around you especially with other departing aircraft and inbound aircraft. I had to 👻👻 2 pilots just now at EDDL for NOT listening. Please follow Instructions and Be patient . Thank you


Great topic, let us Reduce the Nimrodity!


When I listen to approach at my local airport. Jets usually go like this:

  • cleared to climb to 3000 after takeoff
  • contact departure after takeoff
  • “departure, SmallAirline 1234, 1000 climbing 3000, runway heading”
  • “SmallAirline 1234, radar contact, climb and maintain 8000”

Then they will get a vector to continue their climb and hand off to center.


Either that or you stick to the altitude restrictions in the SID you have been assigned unless instructed to climb. In IF there is no equivalent to those though.


How do you tune into the frequencies ?

Thanks ! 👍👍👍👍

Well said tom!


I agree 1000% with @anon66442947.

I would like to site an example to support his notion.

As in the picture,
Lufthansa 311 is instructed to climb and maintain 7000ft.
There are inbounds on the downwind at 8000ft. For example Pakistan Airway 002.
So we need to keep a minimum of 1000ft vertical separation just like real life.

Now watch how Air Force doesn’t listen to my instruction and wants to climb,leading to a collision Only to find out why he was asked to descend and maintain 7000ft because he kept climbing like a helicopter.

Delta 251 follows the instruction and maintains 7000ft and once he is away from the arrival train,he can climb to the altitude of his preference. But only if the controller permits. So,like Tom said,
Please be patient and follow instructions.


Yeah im very agree with you.I will still follow instructions though 2 or greater planes are in the same position will not crash.
Its the joy of the game but when sometimes there is no DPT or APR Air Traffic Controller some players will break this joy.

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