Departure traffic flow.

My brother told me yesterday that his flight was delayed 20 minutes cause there were three minute gaps between the takeoffs.
So I was wandering…

If aircraft A is cleared for takeoff, can aircraft B takeoff once A is airborne or once it reaches a certain altitude?

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It’s all about the size of the aircraft, and therefore the wake turbulence that it creates. I wouldn’t send a Cessna up for a while after an A380.

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They have to wait for a while due to wake turbulence. Not sure though 100% so best check with a rwa guy. I know on IF I wait till they have either hit 2500 if going straight out or safely out the way if turned

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But, due to the lack of wake turbulence on IF, the tower controllers on here leave nowhere near enough spacing between departing aircraft.


2 or 3 minutes, depending on aircraft in front AND behind. Eg small aircraft behind A380 would be 3 minutes. A380 behind 737 would be 2