Departure runway request. Why ignored?

Good evening,

one question: When i request twice a specific departure runway while requesting pushback and taxi, then, like in real life, the flight plan is filed for this runway, means fuel has also been calculated for this runway only. In my case, it meant a 46 miles longer distance from LFPO to KLAX due to the longer SID. If for no reason the runway will be changed by ground it could mean i have to refuel, causing a delay and maybe losing my slot, causing another delay and maybe another refueling as the APU, while waiting at the gate, burns around 400 kg fuel per hour.( yes i know, in real life only)
When according to ATIS this runway i request is available for departure why do i still get send to another runway? This happens quite often.

Please contact the controller via PM and deal with it that way.

ATC is not always able to comply with your request, sometimes they have to do what is more convenient for traffic flow

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OK you can close the topic i try to PM the controller.