Departure runway change mid taxi

I was just at LEMD and was cleared to taxi to 36L. So taxied to the runway and requested takeoff. Controller says check ATIS - so did so and the departure runways have changed. I’m not sure why. If I have been cleared for a specific runway, am I still obliged to keep checking ATIS while taxing in the event this occurs? Or shouldn’t ground tell me to taxi to another runway?


If you’re already holding short of the runway that you were initially told to taxi to, the controller shouldn’t be notifying you to check the ATIS.

There are generally pushback tugs near the runway threshold to turn you around so you’d either need to back taxi the entire length of the runway or the controller would need to clear the remaining aircraft intending to depart 36L. I’ll look into this with the controller. Thanks!


Thanks, thought this seemed odd. Didn’t get a screenshot i’m afraid.


If I ever need to do a runway change while controlling I’ll let all aircraft with taxi instructions takeoff from whatever runway I told them to go to. If the pilot requests otherwise only then will I change their instructions for a different runway. Same for arrivals. I’ll bring them in first while any new aircraft get the new runways.

You were told to taxi somewhere, so you do it. If the ATIS changes and they don’t tell you to change your runway then that’s on them. They should not fault you for doing what they told you to do.

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