Departure requests

Hi all, when making departure requests with ATC, please only state “remaining in the pattern” if you’re actually planning on flying in the pattern! Thank you :)


Yes, this annoys me so much, so does people that’s a departing straight out, then they turn right after takeoff


Tale as old as time here on IF. It just becomes white noise after years of controlling.


Yeah it’s really annoying, especially on TS i hear it on every second departure request. I am not IFATC but intend to be in the future. Are there common mistakes that frustrates you or are made often… would be cool to hear it and to learn.

This is the most annoying thing ever

Asking for a frequency change to tower when you are already instructed to change frequencies, change from approach to tower without permission and taxiing at excessive speeds are my least favorite things

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When instructed to change freq, pilot acknowledges but doesnt change. Constantly calling ready for departure when there’s a line of a/c ahead and requesting transition when their a/c is heading away from the field!

If you want to prepare for IFATC training I’d suggest reading the manual available online. Make sure you are confident with pattern geography then practice on the TS. Keep trying to control in the correct way i.e. pattern entry then sequencing then clearance, even when the pilots on TS dont follow your instructions. Also practice ground conflict resolution and have an understanding of transitions. I had almost 4000 operations on TS before I even started my training.

I’ve seen others on here start a tracking thread and invite IFATC along to their TS sessions to provide feedback, if its something you want to do, I would be more than happy to assist where I can. Good luck.

Thanks for the response. I have started reading the Guide also watching the tutorials on youtube. I have now about 900 operations and have to learn alot.
Yeah most of the times you have to deal with pilots who don’t follow, but i check their information and sometimes there are Grade 3 pilots and that is really frustrating because the fly in ES and you assume that they follow instructions. (taxi through others and taking off with no clearence).

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This is definitely annoying. I think many of the pilots aren’t familiar with the word „pattern“ I assume they expect following their FPL. Unfortunately there’s no command that helps ATC to make it more clear for the pilots.
If I see they have filed a FPL I just clear them, if the want to stay in the pattern, they should again request it.

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Maybe it would be helpful if there is a command like in ES where you can tell them to read the instructions.

There is a “check user guide” command while controlling on Expert Server.

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I feel the frustrations. Sometimes things like that you just need to look beyond. Maybe you as a pilot or controller know what the correct commands are, and that’s why it can be annoying or frustrating when others don’t. Especially on the expert server because well, we all agree to the rules every time we spawn. So on one hand it’s expected that others are on the same page as you. An alternative, if you wanted to spend the time, would be to reach out to that pilot (if possible) and educate them a little. That can also go a long way! I guess I’m just trying to see both sides of the coin. The user guide is your friend and very important to familiarize yourself with it. I hope that made sense.


I do tend to try and do this if I can, with mixed results! (Contact the pilots I mean)


100% it can definitely go both ways. I’m sure your intentions are in the right place. Sometimes depends I guess how receptive and open people are to simple feedback. And it’s important to be open to it, good and bad.


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