Departure out Of Heathrow

Hey There IFC wanted to share a quick VIdeo of a departure from London Heathrow with the new Turkish Airlines Livery on the 787-9

Server: Expert
Route: London- Supposedly Istanbul but didn’t finish the flight

Here’s the vid : Turkish Airlines 787-9 Departure out of London Heathrow - YouTube

Hopefully you enjoy it, and would totally appreciate it if you subbed or like (getting closer to 400)

Anyways thats all I have for now Cya Later!


If I had one piece of feedback - it would be to keep the pitch consistent until at least 1000ft AGL - I saw that the nose diped for a bit then raised back up shortly after rotation.

But otherwise good.

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Thanks Ye One of my friends on discord was trying to find me on live flight so I was typing while flying(unprofessional) Lmao. But thanks for the feedback anyways!

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Yeah I’ve tried multitasking during critical phases of flight…

My experience was landing, in a gusting crosswind while typing in Discord - I didn’t crash but I’m pretty sure my passengers got whiplash multiple times - plus a nice -700fpm landing to finish it off and then got lost on the way to the gate. I quit the flight.

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Rip Well thats tuff Takes note Hopefully that never happens again.