Departure from LOWI

I recently did LOWI to EGCC for the newly approved Thomas Cook Virtual, and found some good pics

This was done on Expert Server with a Thomas Cook A321 last Saturday and took around 2hours

Here are the pics :)

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little bump :)

Awesome photos!

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thank you!

I just love flying in and out of LOWI! Such a beautiful airport!

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They are so good

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Indeed it is! It doesn’t even need high graphics to look good.

Thank you!

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Some places in IF just don’t need high graphics at all! In most cases, they involve mountains or a beautiful island landing!

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Update: Thomas Cook Virtual posted their thread!

Wonderful pictures!

More screenshots of my departure you can view here!

(courtesy to @Landis for taking the picture)

nice pictures, innsbruck is the best place to get some beautiful shots

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I agree! Innsbruck is absolutely stunning

Love that picture’s!

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Thank you!