Departure from KLAX

A beautiful picture of the A321 while waiting for takeoff at runway 25R ❤


That goes in #screenshots-and-videos.

Please make sure that you have details about it by reading the category info.

Read this and you can make these topics in no time: About the Screenshots and Videos Category

This belongs in screenshots and also don’t have the any water maker on the photo like the heading on the top can’t have that i mean it’s an amazing photo just wrong category

Cool photo but it definitely belongs in #screenshots-and-videos

That was said 3 times after it was said. Give the OP some time to change his picture and remove the ATC. He has already changed the category so give him some time.

Normally moderators don’t give people time to change their pictures…

Not true at all, if you are new you don’t know the rules so give some time.

Every time I’ve flagged one of these topics they’ve been closed without warning by moderators.

Our OP joined the IFC less than a week ago! Give some time!