Departure Frequency

Hello Everybody, just had a quick question about the departure frequency. I often hear others requesting approaches into airports that are far away. Is this a normal thing? Are they just going to give them vectors to set them up?

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The people that request approaches at far away airports are usually the inexperienced pilots. Happens on both the TS and occasionally on the ES as well unfortunately. Usually the request will be denied and they’ll be told to proceed on course.


Oh ok, thanks for the heads up.


I would like to know what “far away” is. The planes cant tune to approach unless they are in the IFATC catchment area. In reality they should follow the class standard of airspace.

What I do: if I can see a GREEN controlled airspace on my headset icon, even if I am at a neighbouring airport, all I do is Check In to their tower/approach.

You will never get in trouble for that, and the controllers will appreciate it.

Happy Flying.

For example, An aircraft had just taken off at KLAX and requested an Apporoach to KSEA on the departure frequency.

Yeah… that is a little questionable. Is it like they are trying to file a flight plan with ATC, which is not what you do. How can someone at KLAX know the airspace at SEATAC to approve an approach. It is nonsensical. Kinda funny that someone would ask it.

I am going to keep my ears open for that.

In short Approach is about organizing the airspace that you as the Approach controller manage for landings, go arounds, patterns, and traffic that qualifies for your direction. Someone in KLAX cant do that for KSEA because they do not control the space.

Very interesting


They should have requested flight following or say that they are flying vfr.

You request an approach if you’re on approach but need clearance. Simple as that :P if you just want to mess around announce flying VFR (but stay below 18,000 as that is the ceiling for VFR flight) and if you want to follow your flight plan whether you are VFR or not request Flight Following. I use Flight Following when I fly my C172R because it lets them alert you to traffic and can easily prevent an accident. Anyway theres my $.02

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