Departure Flaps

Hey IFC! What flaps do they use irl on the B737-900 for takeoff when they are at 78% load? Thanks!

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It it is usually just the regular 10-15 I believe.

I just found a tutorial and 15 is right. Thanks for the help!

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I prefer flaps 15 in that situation. It really applies to all the 737 variants.

Check out this guide. It has everything you need to know about the B737 family.

Takeoff flaps in a 737NG are 1°, 5°, 15°, and 25°. 5° being standard.

There’s more to the selection than just load factor, e.g. wind component, runway length, obstacle clearance, temperature, etc.


Hello! The recommended takeoff flaps for the B737-900 at 78% load may vary based on factors such as temperature, runway length, and other conditions. However, in general, the recommended takeoff flaps for this aircraft are usually Flaps 5 or Flaps 10. I would recommend consulting the aircraft’s operating manual or checking with real-world pilots who fly the B737-900 for more detailed and accurate information. Alternatively, you can also visit the ‘Real World Aviation’ category in the forum for more aviation-related discussions.

Hope this helps!

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