Departure Direction

I was doing a session of ATC on Training Server and my feedback told me to tell departing aircraft what direction to go. How do you tell an aircraft its direction.

Hello @Errigal!

We are currently unable to do that as any frequency besides departure, which has the capability to vector people in any direction they please.

If you would like to see vectoring on tower so that you may tell people where to go, please go ahead and vote for the given feature below!

Edit : For the given situation though, it was probably a case of pattern work, not departure. Departing is leaving the airspace, and pattern work is staying on tower’s frequency, so you were probably told to give a direction such as left or right traffic, meaning they do patterns on a right crosswind, downwind, base, etc, for a given runway.

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Hello there @Errigal,

If you were doing pattern work with aircraft you must tell them to either depart using left or right traffic. This is found on the number 1 opinion of the command list after you select takeoff. Use Tyler’s helpful video to help you get into IFATC soon!

For aircraft remaining in a pattern, you select “make left/right traffic” when giving their takeoff clearance.

If they have requested to depart the airspace, you confirm the compass direction when responding.

You can only specify left/right traffic if the aircraft has requested pattern work. At any other time, you can only give them a simple takeoff clearance because the “Make left traffic” and “make right traffic” options will not show up. As to why you need to include it, the others have posted it here already.

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