Departure ATC

When I control departure, and a plane requests an altitude change (ex. FL210) It doesnt give me the option to accept that exact altitude. It only give me options for other altitudes (ex. FL200 and FL220.) So I can’t accept the altitude that they request.

The altitude they request will appear at the top of your list…

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Maybe, could you provide a screenshot if you don’t see it on top of list

Isn’t it so that you can assing odd (360˚ - 179˚) or even (180˚ - 359˚) based on direction.

It allows for all flight levels, because it doesn’t change the coding based on the flight plan.

As departure, if someone asks for the wrong flight level for their direction of travel, I give them an appropriate one instead, but the option is still there.

It’s just at the top of the list so you don’t have to dig for it.

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