Departure / Arrival tables in Live

Oke we shall see

Liike ATC features,

Any players were flying a small airport (Half Moon Bay) before the new ATC mode and now there is the new version with real ATC controllers, nobody is going to Half Moon Bay, everyone saw her standing up and played on major airports, so every novelty brings the people and more …

sorry i’m bad in English and i use the translator ^^

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I use also google translate

This is a great idea that should be considered.
It may also help Air traffic controllers with their sequencing

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Good idea - will be even better and more useful when we get the bigger / combined regions and there’s subsequently more commercial routes being flown.

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I love this idea too. For sure it would be helpful for ATC sequencing.


yes… adding a column for display actual frequency of the plane.

I love making flight plans, it adds that more real experience and I also write in my flight book


Nice that you do that

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Unless i am doing touch and go’s, i always make a flight plan and add in an extra waypoint to descend at, so this could be useful

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IMO a flight plan itself won’t work. Each pilot will be required to fly the same route and same speed in order to have an accurate timetable. That means no unrealistic speed like 500+ knots on a jet liners when you are close to your destination airport.

Let’s see what does @matt thinks about it ;)

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Bring back 103 days after :)

It was implemented

directly on the app? where?


but its not my request, bro.

My request says when you select an airport, you can select a option to watch an arrival/departure table (some like beta ATC controls)…

available to everyone.

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My mistake, sorry

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This is really cool


Nice idea, would be a great addition to Live