Departure and arrival list


Hello everyone welcome to this feature.

What is this

This feature is for IFATC/people who are atc in Training server this is a feature that should be added to the game because it will really help people when they are controlling, it is a departure and arrival list it will put planes that are going to land at the airport in one list and departure aircraft in a list just like this.

Why do we need this

This will be very helpful for IFATC when they are controlling a hub because the aircraft will be in two list not all aircraft in one list and it will help them control.


@Antoine_Turrian and @Astreal for being the aircraft landing and takeoff

Question that are being asked many times

What will happen with aircraft remaining in the pattern

Answer :

What list will aircraft without a flight plan go

What would happen with aircraft remaining in the pattern?


tbh i kinda like this idea. It allows for some nice organization

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Well they would go from the departure list to arrival or just stay in the departure list

This would be a solid request and would make controlling cleaner. One problem I see what if people do not have a flight plan or running patterns? How would they be listed or could this be a toggle-able option.

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Yes it does that’s why I created the topic :)

This is for aircraft remaining in the pattern

And with aircraft that have to flight plan if they are landing they will be in the arrival list because they are requesting to land

Would they automatically move or would the controller have to make this. If the controller does it there could be another cat. for Pattern Work.

I like this idea! Voted!


No they will just stay in one list

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Wow, fully needed, it would really help.

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Thank you! :)

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Gotcha I like the Idea! Let me see if I can free up a vote!

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Great idea! Deserves a vote… 👍

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And what if aircrafts requesting to remain in the pattern pop in an other colour in the arrival window once airborne ? And aircrafts without fpl would still be counted as Departure, right ?

Anyway, I like the idea !

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This is for remaining in the pattern and for aircraft without a flight plan that are landing will stay in the arrival list and same for aircraft departure they will stay in the departure list

Thanks all for the votes let’s hope this is added to the game!

It is a good request, curiosity. And those who are in the pattern?

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Here you go @Renan

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I like the idea I’ll try to clear up an vote for this.