(DEPARTING) West Coast Cruisin' To Tel Aviv @ KSFO - 011430ZDEC18

West Coast Cruisin’ To Tel Aviv

Event Details

Airport: KSFO - LLBG

Server: Training

NOTAM: El Al invites you to fly our first new Non-stop services to our hub, Ben Gurion Airport located in Tel Aviv, Israel. We will depart from San Francisco International Airport (KSFO) and arrive in Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG) Please spawn 10 minutes (10:20 AM Eastern) before the event to take some nice pictures and to map your route. Please follow the exact rules.

To be a pilot for EL AL Airlines please apply at https://elalairlines.wixsite.com/elal


Departing: Runway 28L or 28R (Depending on ATC)

Cruising Altitude: 35,000 ft

Cruising Speed: 0.85 M

Please cruise to the following altitude at 3,000 VS. Once you reach 10,000 ft please alter your cruising rate to 1,000 VS.

(Please go 220 knots right after take off Before you reach 0.85 M)

Arriving: Runway 03

Flight Time: KSFO - LLBG (15 Hours 19 Minutes)

If anyone wants to volunteer to be ATC please PM and let me know. Thanks!

Time and date: Saturday, December 1, 2018 10:30 AM EST

Aircraft: El-Al Boeing 787-10 (Dreamliner)

Flight-plan: KSFO 3741N/12231W 3748N/12232W 3750N/12226W 3820N/12207W 3944N/12213W RBL LTJ 5000N/11900W WYLDE 5700N/11000W 6100N/10000W 6400N/9000W 6700N/8000W 6900N/7000W ADSAM 7100N/4000W 7000N/2000W 6900N/1000W 6600N/000W 6333N/433E 5854N/1043E AMROR ELPOL LENOV KEKED 4715N/2152E NEPOT 4506N/2322E 4341N/2414E ADORU 4128N/2657E ULMAR EKI YAYLA KUDAK ESKIN KULAR NESIL LAMSA EDISI TOMBI 3405N/3242E 3342N/3303E SOLIN LLBG


Spot User
Terminal 1 Gate C41 @Corgi
Terminal 1 Gate C42 @Davidberman
Terminal 1 Gate C43 @Adam_Ravid
Terminal 1 Gate C44
Terminal 1 Gate C45
Terminal 1 Gate C46
Terminal 1 Gate C47 @BennyBoy_Alpha
Terminal 1 Gate C48
Terminal 1 Gate C49
ATC User
KSFO Ground
KSFO Tower
KSFO Departure
LLBG Approach
LLBG Tower @Rishon_R
LLBG Ground @Rishon_R

Nice event! May recommend slowing your speed to M.85 as it’s more realistic for the 787-9?

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I agree! Perfect, Thanks!

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Do you think you want to leave earlier, maybe around 8:30 EST?

For some, its too early that’s why we’re pushing it to 10:30.

That’s alright

I would come but I would be landing too late (well for me)

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I’ll join this very long flight at gate c41! Pretty please with a corgi on top.

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See you there!

I can do LLBG Tower and Ground

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I would love to attend this: Gate C47 please!

Also just a couple of things:

International flights do not depart on 01R IRL, they depart out of 28L or 28R since those runways are much longer. Only domestic flights depart of 01L/01R!

I’ll PM you regarding your flight plan as it acts a bit oddly inside Infinite Flight!

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Great, Thanks!

Perfect, will change.

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