Departing straight out command

If this question already exists, sorry.
I have often noticed that despite “straight out deparure only” is often asked for north, east etc. can one perhaps add the command as with rejecting pattern work also with normal takoff clearance? for example “cleared for takeoff, straight out depature only”.
What do you think ?

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We have Atis on the expert server do it would be there instead.

I think there would be far too many steps for controllers with this just to issue a simple takeoff clearance.

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I have it on ATIS in it, however, many do not understand what it is all about

I understand what your saying and actually agree. So you’ve got ATIS set up to say “straight out departures only” however the aircraft announcing ready for take off says “ready for take off, departing north”. So you you shake your head and think oh well they’ve blatantly disregarded the ATIS so to deny the north departure you’d like a clearance command that says “cleared for takeoff, straight out departure only”. I agree because when you have busy parallel departures and these guys depart and cross the adjacent departures it is frustrating. ATIS is there for a reason and it’s a shame some pilots choose to completely ignored it.


I agree with that you wrote - however I don’t think that having this feature would change anything - the pilots that do care about it already got the info from ATIS. The ones that still request departing to another direction don’t really care… and you also should add up to the list the ones that say they will depart straight out but do the opposite.

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