[Departing NOW] [35 Attendants] A Huge Airport Event sponsored by AF-KLM VA @ LFPG - 151600ZSEP18

Server: Expert

Region: France

Airport: LFPG

Time: 1600Z September 15, 2018 3:00 PM.


About this event: This new event is being held at LFPG, and for anyone that didn’t participate at my last event, I try to make those events as realistic, organised and professional as possible. I do not do them on the training server because those events could be a mess if almost all of the airport is full. If the event is covered by IFATC, it would be great, but if not, please use UNICOM wisely. This is a huge airport so I am expecting a lot of attendants. Let’s hope for the best.

About the Airport: Charles de Gaulle Airport - Wikipedia

NOTAM: To join this event, please include the following information in the format shown below or else I won’t take it in consideration. Thank you.

Important note : When requesting an Air France or an Air HOP ! gate, please specify the destination you are going to fly to view that you can choose your destination.

(Aircraft) (Airline) (Callsign) (Route)

Terminal 1, Satelite 1

Terminal 1, Satelite 1

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate V03 ANA 787-10 LFPG-RJTT
Gate V04 Asiana Airlines 777-200ER LFPG-RKSI @Captain_JR
Gate V05 Eurowings A319 LFPG-EDDL @sebi-ue
Gate V06 EVA Air 787-10 LFPG-RCTP
Terminal 1, Satelite 2

Terminal 1, Satelite 2

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate U03 Iran Air 747-200 LFPG-OIIE
Gate U04 Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER LFPG-WMKK
Gate U05 Qatar Airways A380 LFPG-OTTH
Gate U06 Royal Air Maroc 737-800 LFPG-GMMN
Terminal 1, Satelite 3

Terminal 1, Satelite 3

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate T02 EVA Air 777-300ER LFPG-RCTP @Logan_Lee (EVA088)
Gate T04 PIA 777-200LR LFPG-OPRN
Gate T05 SWISS A319 LFPG-LSZH @SunDown
Gate T06 Aer Lingus A320 LFPG-EIDW
Terminal 1, Satelite 4

Terminal 1, Satelite 4

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate Z03 Norwegian 787-9 LFPG-KOAK
Gate Z04 Norwegian 737-800 LFPG-ENGM
Gate Z05 Norwegian 787-9 LFPG-KLAX
Gate Z06 Norwegian 787-9 LFPG-KBOS
Terminal 1, Satelite 5

Terminal 1, Satelite 5

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate Y03 Air China 787-9 LFPG-ZBAA
Gate Y04 Egypt Air A330-300 LFPG-HECA
Gate Y05 LATAM 787-9 LFPG-SBGR
Gate Y06 Singapore Airlines A380 LFPG-WSSS @Capt.SkyWalker (SVA0036)
Terminal 1, Satelite 6

Terminal 1, Satelite 6

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate X03 Lufthansa Regional CRJ-900 LFPG-EDDM
Gate X05 Lufthansa A320 LFPG-EDDF @esant_15 (LH482)
Gate X06 Lufthansa A319 LFPG-EDDM @Appalz (LH582)
Terminal 1, Satelite 7

Terminal 1, Satelite 7

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate W03 SAS 737-800 LFPG-ESSA @CPTWilliam (Scandinavian 16)
Gate W04 Icelandair 757-200 LFPG-BIKF @Raoul_G
Gate W05 Brussels Airways A319 LFPG-EBBR @rubinedan
Gate W06 SAS 737-800 LFPG-ENGM
Terminal 1, Gates S

Terminal 1, Gates S

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate S06 South African Airlines A340-600 LFPG-FAOR @PilotCorey
Gate S12 Thai Airways A380 LFPG-VTBS
Gate S16 United Airlines 767-300 LFPG-KORD
Gate S18 United Airlines 777-200ER LFPG-KIAD @Chindle_1204
Gate S21 United Airlines 777-200ER LFPG-KSFO
Gate S23 WOW Air A320 LFPG-BIKF @Pranjal_Agrawal
Terminal 2A

Terminal 2A

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate A01 Air Austral 787-8 LFPG-FMEE
Gate A03 British Airways A319 LFPG-EGLL @2003iggy (Speedbird 311)
Gate A04 American Airlines 757-200 LFPG-KJFK
Gate A05 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER LFPG-VHHH
Gate A06 American Airlines 787-9 LFPG-KPHL
Gate A08 EL AI 737-800 LFPG-LLBG @royfr83 (El Al 324)
Gate A09 Oman Air 787-8 LFPG-OOMS @Cpt.Paul (Oman Air 182)
Gate A10 American Airlines 777-200ER LFPG-KMIA
Gate A12 Royal Jordanian 787-8 LFPG-OJAI
Gate A30 Ethiopian Airlines 787-8 LFPG-HAAB
Gate A34 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 LFPG-KLAX @Simon_Joshua (Air Tahiti 99)
Gate A38 Air Canada A330-300 LFPG-CYUL @Philippe_Gilbert (Air Canada 885)
Terminal 2C

Terminal 2C

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate C02 Etihad Airways A380 LFPG-OMAA
Gate C03 Destination could be added if nessesery
Gate C04 Destination could be added if nessesery
Gate C05 Air India 787-8 LFPG-VABB @AKSHAY_2777 (Air india 514)
Gate C06 Gulf Air A321 LFPG-OBBI
Gate C07 Saudia 787-9 LFPG-OERK
Gate C08 Air India 787-8 LFPG-VIDP @Marc_Gombau (FCBCAT17)
Gate C10 Aeroflot A320 LFPG-UUEE @Deida
Gate C12 Emirates Airlines A380 LFPG-OMDB
Terminal 2D

Terminal 2D

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate D03 Austrian Airlines A321 LFPG-LOWW
Gate D04 Easyjet A320 LFPG-EGAA
Gate D05 Belavia CRJ-200 LFPG-UMMS
Gate D07 Adria Airways CRJ-700 LFPG-LJLJ
Gate D10 Easyjet A320 LFPG-EKCH
Gate D13 Croatia Airlines A319 LFPG-LDZA
Gate D14 Easyjet A319 LFPG-EGPH
Gate D16 Easyjet A320 LFPG-LIML
Gate D17 Finnair A321 LFPG-EFHK
Gate D18 Easyjet A319 LFPG-LFBO
Gate D20 Easyjet A320 LFPG-LEPA
Gate D24 Easyjet A320 LFPG-EGGP
Terminal 2E

Terminal 2E

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate E01 Air France A320
Gate E05 Air France A319
Gate E09 Air France A319
Gate E10 Air France A320
Gate E13 Air France A318
Gate E14 Air France A320 LFPG-LEBL @Alboma (Air France 2674)
Gate E17 Air France A319 LFPG-DAAG @Marc.Stinger (AFKLM 250)
Gate E18 Air France 777-300ER LFPG-FOOL @Popizor
Gate E20 Delta Airlines A330-300 LFPG-KJFK @Sebastian9915 (DLVA243)
Gate E21 Air France A319
Gate E22 Air France 777-200ER LFPG-VOBL @Pritish_Dewan (AFKLM186)
Gate E24 Air France 777-200ER LFPG-OMDB @William_Burke
Gate E25 Flybe Dash-Q400 LFPG-EGBB @A320fan
Gate E26 Air France A320 LFPG-UUEE @Krasnimish (AFKLM-160)
Gate E29 Air France A320
Gate E30 Air France 777-300ER
Gate E32 Delta Airlines 757 LFPG-KATL
Gate E34 Delta Airlines 767 LFPG-KIND @KIND9624 (Delta9624)
Gate E38 Air France A319
Gate E40 Air France A319
Gate E42 Air France A319
Gate E44 Air France A319
Gate F03 Air France 777-300ER
Gate F07 Air France 777-300ER
Gate F13 Air France 777-300ER
Gate K01 Air France 777-300ER
Gate K09 Air France 777-300ER
Gate K17 Air France 777-300ER
Gate K21 Air France 787-10
Gate K26 Air France 767
Gate K32 Korean Airlines 777-200ER LFPG-RKSI
Gate K38 Kenya Airways 787-8 LFPG-HKJK
Gate K44 Air France 777-200ER
Gate K52 Air France 787-10
Gate K53 Delta Airlines 787-8 LFPG-KSEA @kalkii
Gate K58 Air France 787-10
Gate K59 Middle East Airlines A321 LFPG-OLBA @JoeHaddad
Gate K64 Air France 777-200ER
Gate K65 Aeroméxico 787-8 LFPG-MMMX
Gate K70 Air France 777-200ER
Gate K71 Japan Airlines 787-9 LFPG-RJAA
Gate K76 Air France 787-10 LFPG-KLAX @Felipe_Barreto
Gate L27 Air France 777-300ER
Gate L33 Air France A380
Gate L39 Air France A380
Gate L53 Air France 777-200ER
Gate L59 Air France A380
Gate L65 Air France A380
Gate L71 Air France 767
Terminal 2F

Terminal 2F

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate F02 Air France A318
Gate F04 Air France A320 LFPG-EGLL @EthanT2
Gate F06 Air France A319
Gate F10 Air France A320
Gate F14 Air France A319
Gate F18 Air France A318
Gate F20 Air France A319
Gate F22 Air France A320
Gate F26 Air France A320 LFPG-LIMC @Omar_DeWindt
Gate F30 Air France A320
Gate F32 Air France A319
Gate F34 Air France A319
Gate F66 Air France A319
Gate F68 Air France A319
Gate F70 Air France A320
Gate F74 KLM 737-800 LFPG-EHAM @strauphi (KLM116)
Gate F76 Air France A320
Gate F82 Air France A319
Gate F84 Air France A319
Gate F86 Air France A320
Gate F90 Air France A320
Gate F92 Air Europa ERJ-190 LFPG-LEMG
Gate F94 Alitalia A321 LFPG-LIRF
Gate F96 Air France A319
Terminal 2G

Terminal 2G

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate J01 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J02 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J03 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J04 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J05 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J06 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J10 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J11 HOP ! CRJ-1000
Gate J12 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J13 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J14 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J16 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J17 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J18 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J20 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J21 HOP ! CRJ-700
Gate J30 Air France CRJ-1000 LFPG-LFLB @Luke_Around
Gate J31 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J33 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J34 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J35 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J37 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J38 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J39 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J40 Air France CRJ-1000
Gate J41 Air France CRJ-1000
Terminal 3

Terminal 3

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Attendant
Gate R01 Air Berlin 737-700 LFPG-EDDB
Gate R03 Air Berlin A319 LFPG-EDDT
Gate R04 Air Nostrum CRJ-1000 LFPG-LEXJ
Gate R07 Jet2. com 737-800 LFPG-ENGM
Gate R10 Tunisair CRJ-900 LFPG-DTTA
Gate R12 Vueling A320 LFPG-LOWW
Gate R14 Vueling A320 LFPG-EGKK
Gate Q01 Vueling A320 LFPG-LEMD
Gate Q03 Vueling A320 LFPG-LIRN
Gate Q05 Vueling A320 LFPG-LEZL

This Event is being Sponsored by AF-KLM VA.

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Gate s23 Wow air a320 lfpj to Bikf

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Good event but where are all the Delta’s at? DL has many more flights than this.

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Put me down for this one :)

Btw, is the event on Aug 31st or Sep 15th? Since the title and your event post says different dates?

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I’ll take gate A38 please
Callsign: Air Canada 885
Would it be possible to change the Boeing 777 300ER for the Airbus A330-300. I took this aircraft when I flew out of LFPG to go to CYUL. (I am talking about a real flight that I did this summer)
See you there!

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For now, I would like to go on terminal 2E-gate E17-A319-LFPG/DAAG.
Callsign: Air France 421

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I’ll take gate X05, callsign Lufthansa 482.

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If this is open i will have the callsign Lufthansa 582

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Isn’t september 15 a Saturday?

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You know what we’ll just forget I posted that lol

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I’ll take Gate Y06 Singapore Airlines Airbus A380
LFPG-WSSS Callsign: SVA0036

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Put me down for this please, Speedbird 311.

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@Pranjal_Agrawal @Captain_JR @Philippe_Gilbert @Marc.Stinger @esant_15 @Appalz @Capt.SkyWalker @2003iggy I added you to the event

@Pranjal_Agrawal yes it is on a Saturday

@HiFlyer thank you for telling me. I will add some more

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I would like the af a319 Gate e05 to LFRS, callsign Airfrance9624.
However if the Delta 767 happened to be added, I would like to take that to KIND callsign Delta9624

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Could I have Gate S06 (South African airlines) to FAOR please

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@KIND9624 I gave you gate E34 with delta Airlines to KIND

@PilotCorey I added you to the event.

My lag is:
F74 KLM 737-800 LFPG-EHAM KLM116
Thanks for organizing it.

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Quick reminder : All of the pilots that are within AF-KLM VA will get x1.5 flight time if they attend to this event.

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I’ll take gate E20 to KJFK, also can u change it to the A333 as IRL
Callsign: DLVA243
Ty see ya there

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I’d like to be in.
Gate: K53

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