Departing into approach controlled airspace

Mix between being tires, and then just somewhat super advanced English gramma.

Or something like that

Totally agree Max, so “many” rules are made up on the fly by IFATC. What I don’t get is how pilots who are not here are supposed to know about them ie the 550 under Fl400 but what ever. I’ll just stick to my decathlon 👌✌

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That’s not “made up on the fly”.

It’s been a rule for close to a year. What rules, exactly, are “made up on the fly”?

Just out of nowhere…crazy.

If you’re an actual pilot and just pick up the Sim a lot of things are made up here. Such as in RL you can taxi without clearance in certain area’s, but you can’t here. VFR is pretty much non existent. The list goes on and on. We are making strides Global will change a lot of things. We do have to change how we operate now opposed to RL due to the fact people aren’t real pilots, and the communication isn’t there.


I misread “as they go along” to imply we were just creating rules by which the Sim worked on the fly. I know the Sim isn’t a match for real life. (E.g. within the Sim, one day we just enforce requesting taxi clearance out of spite.)

I misread.

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