Departing from airport with parallel runways

Was controlling at KMIA yesterday, and had multiple near collisions because of this.
It came to a point where I had to hold up traffic to avoid parallel takeoff.

What I honestly don’t know, if in real life, airports would allow simultaneous take-off of two aircrafts departing from parallel runways.


Thanks for a helping reminder! This is definately needed for pilots in Infinite Flight especially on TS1 where pilots immediately turned to the Parallel Runway direction after taking off


Unfortunately I see it on Expert aswell, many times


Very good point. I’ve taken off on a parallel runway with another on the other. I peeled away doing pattern work.

I have seen planes IRL take off parallel at KLAX, well almost. The first plane on 25R took off about 5 seconds before the plane on 24R so they were a bit offset but very close IMO. I guess it depends the departure direction and other stuff

I personally when operating on pararelles such as KLAX I have an aircraft line up and wait whilst the other is cleared and is a safe distance to allow the other one to take off without there being a conflict.


I’ve been on various parallel departures at places like SFO. Once you climb out you make a quick intital turn away from the other runway.

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I really think this could be prevented from happening if we could get a tower command telling them a heading on takeoff. Don’t tell me they don’t do this because I know they do it, I’ve done it in an FAA grade simulator, and just listen to KMSP tower on LiveAtc. It works beautifully when the controllers do simultaneous takeoffs there!


Yesterday I was given a parallel takeoff at MIA. I noticed the FedEx turning so I stayed straight until a few miles out.

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Great tip and important info, sometimes you could get so caught up in the departure you forget about the guy next to you!


We do allow simultaneous departures from parrallels, but there has to be a certain distance between them. That being said, their flight paths also dictate when they can roll…

So if plane number one is cleared with a flight path crossing the extended runway centerline of plane number two, plane number two cannot start departure roll until plane one is past that intersecting point, of course in real life, we may have to add additional separation based on wake turbulence or IFR separation depending on the flight path of the number 2 aircraft.

Hope this tidbit helps.


It’s amazing when it works as I have been in a parallel departure, but rarely works in IF, but when it does it amazing

Simultaneous parallel takeoffs are common at SFO, but one aircraft will turn away from the other, or they both turn away.

Never realised this danger… thanks… I’ll be aware now.

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Finally someone says something about that, if after takeoff you want to make a right turn, request the right runway, if you want to make a left turn after takeoff then request the left runway

Thanks that happens a lot, it would be well when sich graphics are direct on Infinite Flight

Or, simply invert your pattern…

Take KSFO for example.
01L departures usually turn left while 01R departures turn right. This prevents collisions and it gives ample separation. They do it in KIAH.

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