Departing feeling

Ever get that feeling when your departing from a vacation, or some place beautiful? That feeling of: “Will I come back?” This picture has that feeling of me leaving, and feeling like I’ll come back, do you feel it to after seeing this screenshot

  • No Route, just a screenshot.
  • Server is Solo
  • Amsterdam Schiphol.


Not really no. For me that feeling comes in the fashion of; “will I ever be able to get out of this car?” Maybe one day I’ll get that from flying to a vacation destination. Nice wing view none the less.

I think the picture you chose for the scenario of wondering if you’ll ever return to a certain place is outstanding. I can totally relate!

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Beautifull shot! My feeling right now is rather : when will I be able to fly for real! ;)

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That shot looks so real. Beautiful

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Great shot! 737 wing looks beautiful!