[DEPARTED]Viva Las Vegas! @KLAS

I land in 1:15 in Vancouver Canada

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just finished. thank you all for the flight and helping me complete my first flight for SWVA!

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Ima go spotting

Nvm I thought it was still going

Check them out! Thanks everyone for coming


is that LAS?

ohh it is. nvm

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Yes this is from earlier

Just parked in El Paso thank you for the fun event!

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My device completely dies half way through my flight

i just did the test for swva

just landed. thanks for the event!

Just landed at Denverā€¦Thanks for this eventā€¦Cheers!!

what was your callsign @Speedbird_15

could someone pls get on fort worth center and kokc tower and ground i will be in fort worth airspace in abt 10 mins

Descending into SEA! Thereā€™s nobody on ATC tho. Could anyone become SEA ground and tower?

United 278

Thank you everyone for coming! Hope to see you all in upcoming events!

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Sure, I will do Appā€¦Then tower and ground for ya

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Just finished my flight, thanks you for this awsome event guys! see you next time