[DEPARTED]Viva Las Vegas! @KLAS

Make sure to check out the other events everyone!

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Can I get a flight to TUS in a 738. Thanks

Imagine if there was a HUGE flyout like at LAX or some big airport where every gate was occupied. That would be awesome, except there would be chaos with ATC.

There is one

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I don’t have expert server access :(

southwest 411 and 483 i’m right behind you!

If Chicago INTL. got a 3D update then a fly out THERE would be Chaos.

It’s a month away so if you grind to expert you can get there ;)

It might be hard to do that since I’d need to get 74 landings with 3 weeks of days where I’m busy and probably can’t do any flights

i think the center act doesn’t like us 😂

Do patterns

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Just landed in PSP!

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I’m 1:07hr away from HOU

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Cool! Post the replay somehow

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wow I still have 600 miles to descent!

im on approach to Tucson

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OKC* sorry I had to divert last minute. i have to go soon which requires me to leave the flight during cruising

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I will post pictures in a little

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273nm until descent into Seattle!


i’ll post pics when i’m done