[DEPARTED]Viva Las Vegas! @KLAS

Oh sorry! I’ll fix it


20 hours until the event!


Can’t wait!

Would it be okay if I switched my aircraft from an a321 to an A223?

Sure! (10 characters)

Thanks so much

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Can I please change to this route as I just got accepted into SW Virtual

Southest | 737-800 | Chicago Midway
I’ll take this flight if it’s still available, however I’ll be departing a bit later in the day. Thanks!

Sign me up! Jet Suite X |CRJ9 |Los Angeles |JSX 03

When is CTOT?

@Chaseelliottfan9WG you are switched up!

@Jayknowstheway you are signed up

@IF420JP what do you mean by CTOT?

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Tower will be logging on at 9:30 PDT

Event Announcement: This event has been pushed back 2 hours. If you are not available to make it because of the new time then you can pm me or reply below. New event start time is 2022-08-07T16:00:00Z. Sorry for the inconvenience


Because of the time change can I switch back to my original

Of course! It’s all switched

Is this in training or expert

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Welcome to the community! This is on the training server

Ok can you take me off ATC and put me down for this

Sure! All fixed up

Can I please get C7 but go to denver please

Sure! You are signed up