[DEPARTED]Viva Las Vegas! @KLAS

Welcome to the giant flyout from one of the most famous cities in the United States! This airport has destinations to everywhere! This event offers everything; from flights that go everywhere, to performing ATC or Spotting! I hope you can join me for this flight!

A Gates

Airline Aircraft Route Gate
|Spirit |A320|Oakland |A03|
|Spirit |A320|Houston |A05|
|Spirit |A321|Atlanta |A07|
|Spirit |A320|Burbank |A08|
|Spirit |A320|Denver |A10|
|Spirit |A321| Boston |A11|
|Spirit |A321|Detroit |A12|
|Spirit |A321|Memphis |A14|
|Allegiant |A320|Fort Lauderdale|A15| @AmericanB772
|Allegiant |A320|Sioux Falls|A17|
|Allegiant |A320|Monterey |A18|
|Allegiant |A320|Wichita|A19|
|Allegiant |A320|Medford |A20|
|Allegiant |A320|El Paso|A21| @RagonDragon
|Allegiant |A320|Fresno|A22| @Klas892
|Allegiant |A320|Peoria|A23|

B Gates

|Avelo|737-800|Redding |B01| @Tom_Jennings
|Avelo|737-800|Burbank |B02|
|Avelo|737-800|Santa Rosa|B06| @Kiran_Mehta
|Southwest |737-700|Eugene|B09|
|Southwest |737-700|Tucson |B10| @Chaseelliottfan9WG
|Southwest |737-800|San Diego |B11| @Jukker
|Southwest |737-800|Colorado Springs|B12| @Swiss1177
|Southwest |737-800|Oklahoma City|B14| @Aviator_Theo
|Southwest |737-700|Oklahoma City|B15| @Carson_Byrnes
|Southwest |737-800|Los Angeles |B17| @Jayden_Castillo
|Southwest |737-700|Denver |B19| @Ashwanth_razil
|Southwest |737-700|Long Beach|B20|
|Spirit |A320|Austin |B21|
|Spirit |A320|Dallas |B22|
|Spirit |A320|San Diego |B23|
|Allegiant |A320|Flint|B24|
|Allegiant |A320|Bellingham |B25|

C Gates

|Southwest |737-700|Los Angeles|C01| @Priscila_Castillo
|Southwest |737-800|Chicago-Midway |C02| @Jayknowstheway
|Southwest |737-700|Houston-Hobby|C03| @Jacob_Maxwell
|Southwest |737-700|Palm Springs |C04| @Butter575
|Southwest |737-800|Seattle |C05| @JUSTAPILOT73
|Southwest |737-800|Denver|C07| @Xavier_Wynne
|Southwest |737-800|Houston-Hobby|C08| @wepwawet
|Southwest |737-800|Dallas-Love|C09| @Wrigley
|Southwest |737-700|Long Beach|C11|
|Southwest |737-700|Santa Ana|C19| @McDonald-Hamburger
|Southwest |737-800|Baltimore|C21|
|Southwest |737-800|Portland|C22|
|Southwest |737-700|Santa Barbra|C23|
|Southwest |737-700|Reno|C24|
|Southwest |737-800|Portland|C25|

D Gates

|JetBlue |A320|Fort Lauderdale |D01| @AirCanada11
|JetBlue |A321|Boston|D03| @Connor.CHARLES
|JetBlue |A321|New York|D04| @AviationJack
|JetBlue|A321|Los Angeles|D05| @aviation.ny
|American |A321|Philadelphia |D06|
|American |737-800|Chicago |D07| @Carlos_J
|American |A321|Charlotte |D08| @Brady_Freeman
|American |A320|Los Angeles|D09| @NvAviator
|American |A321|Dallas|D10| @VixenKasai
|American |A321|Miami |D11|
|American |737-800|Austin |D12|
|Alaska |A320|Portland|D14| @Chaseelliottfan9WG
|Alaska |A320|Los Angeles |D16|
|Alaska |A320|San Francisco |D17|
|Alaska |737-900|Seattle |D18| @iiMaximo11
|Westjet|737-800|Toronto |D19|
|Westjet|737-800|Calgary |D20| @Danny_Bar2.0
|Westjet|737-800|Vancouver |D21|
|Westjet|737-800|Calgary|D22| @AVGIRLCZ
|Air Canada |BCS3|Vancouver |D23| @United403
|Air Canada |A321|Vancouver|D24|
|Flair (Generic)|737-800|Vancouver |D25|
|Flair (Generic)|737-800|Toronto |D26|
|Swoop (Generic)|737-800|Edmonton |D32|
|Sun Country|737-800|Minneapolis |D33|
|Hawaiian |A321|Kahului |D34|
|Hawaiian |A330-300|Honolulu |D35|
|Delta |737-900|Detroit |D36|
|Delta |757-200|Atlanta |D37| @Manav
|Delta |757-200|New York |D38| @Apple_Haye
|Delta |737-900|Minneapolis|D39| @Csnake
|Delta |BCS3|Los Angeles|D40| @AlaskaAirlines_17
|Delta |737-900|Raleigh-Durham|D41|
|Delta |A321|Minneapolis |D42| @Ty_Davis
|Delta |737-800|Seattle |D43|
|United |737-800|Houston|D50| @CptJackJones
|United |737-800|Los Angeles|D51| @Chopmaster
|United |737-800|Denver|D52| @Speedbird_15
|United |737-800|San Francisco |D53| @FLIGHT_G_YT
|Frontier |A320| Dallas|D54|
|Frontier |A320|Ontario|D55|
|Frontier |A321|Orlando |D56|
|Frontier |A320|Denver |D57| @Sareban
|Frontier |A321|Portland |D58|
|Frontier |A320|Sacramento|D59|

E Gates

|Finnair|A350-900|Munich|E01| @John_The_Other
|Edelweiss |A330-300|Zurich |E02| @Klas892
|KLM|787-9|Amsterdam |E03|
|British Airways |777-200|London |E04|
|Condor(Generic)|A330-300|Frankfurt| E05| @Helzluis
|Virgin Atlantic |787-9|London |E06| @Jadon_Tirtanto
|Aeromexico |737-700|Mexico City |E07|
|Volaris|A319|Guadalajara |E08|
|Volaris |A319|Mexico City|E09| @Captain_T_Malone
|VivaAerobus |A320|Monterrey|E10|
|VivaAerobus |A320|Guadalajara |E11|
|VivaAerobus |A320|Mexico City |E12|
|Copa Airlines|737-800|Panama City|E14|
|Breeze |BCS3|Fort Myers |E15| @AA_MIA

Cargo Gates

|FedEx |MD-11F|Memphis |Cargo Apron 1|
|FedEx|MD-11F|Oakland |Cargo Apron 2|
|FedEx |C208|Cedar City|Cargo Apron 3|
|Turkish Cargo|A330-200F|Los Angeles|Cargo Apron 4| @Powerito9
|UPS|A330-200F|Louisville |Cargo Apron 5| @Aviation_Jerry

Private Gates

Please use generic livery only
|Janet |737-700|Palmdale |Janet G01| @Avaitor1
|Janet |737-700|Palmdale |Janet G02|
|Janet |737-700|Tonopah|Janet G03|
|Janet |737-700|Tonopah|Janet G04|
|Janet |737-700|Homey Airport |Janet G05|
|Janet |737-700|Homey Airport |Janet G06|
|Jet Suite X|CRJ9|Burbank |JSX 01|
|Jet Suite X |CRJ9 |Phoenix |JSX 02|
|Jet Suite X |CRJ9 |Los Angeles |JSX 03| @IF420JP
|Jet Suite X |CRJ9 |Oakland |JSX 04|
|Jet Suite X |CRJ9|San Diego |JSX 05|
|Jet Suite X |CRJ9 |Santa Ana|JSX 06|

Ground: @NvAviator
Tower: @NvAviator
Departure: @Brady_Freeman
Approach: @Aviation_Jerry
Center: @JSRibs28

These gates are only for spotting, not flying. You can use any aircraft smaller than the C208.
FBO Flight Support 15| @Avaitor1
FBO Flight Support 16|
FBO Flight Support 17|
FBO Flight Support 18|

Event Date: 08AUG22


Can I have a United flight to Newark please, B738

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You are signed up!

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Thank you!

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i’ll take this!

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You are signed up! See you there!

This but to JFK

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You are signed up

It’s too hard to decide, but I absolutely will join

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Could I take Delta’s flight to Cincinnati?

Yes! You are signed up!

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Am I allowed to take 2 flights?

Sure I guess

Its okay if your not allowing it

What I mean is, complete one flight than come back for another

Yeah I know what you mean. I’ll let you take a second one but if this event gets a lot of people and gates start to fill then I might need to take off one of your flights

What other one would you like?

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All is good, thanks!! I can totally wait to claim another flight until August roles around

No no no, claim it now! It’s totally fine

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Air Canada to YVR (Vancouver)