[Departed!] Tucson International Flyout!

It looks like the final departures are in sequence. Thank you everyone for coming and make sure to sign up to mine and @RagonDragon events! Have a safe flight y’all!

Butter575 Events

Giant Gatwick Fly-out!

Oslo Flyout!

Ragon Dragon Events

10SEP22 / 1400Z Huge Nashville Flyout

03SEP22 Phoenix Sky Harbor Flyout @KPHX

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Safe flight everyone!!

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Takeoff runway 29R with @willwrightco next in line

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Just landed in Phoenix

Cruising over eastern Arizona

Over New Mexico now lot of wind

Starting descent into Denver

Some photos

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Just landed in Atlanta 3h6m flight time

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@Butter575 i haven’t usually fly into non 3d airports, but I REALLY loved todays fly out!! Thank you so much for it!!

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Of course! Thanks for coming

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