[Departed] Tropical Traversal @ MKJP - 121800ZJAN19


Hello may I please Take a JetBlue A320 to FLL any gate


You both are in. Thanks for coming. :)


Bumping this up, 6 days away and still spots left!


May I have gate 4 to MIA?


Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend as my grade dropped because of speed violations. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I’ll take a gate going to Toronto on a westjet 737-800


Bumping this up, event is this weekend, everyone who requested to be removed/added should be updated, sorry for the delay. :)


Ok so on GA Ramp 1 is That any airline/plane and destination? I’m still figuring out events. I would love to join this event!!


Yep, just comment with what aircraft you are going to use and what destination, keep in mind that the GA spots will have size restrictions.


Ok where do I find the restrictions list if there is one


Its just sort of common sense, go ahead and try to spawn in a few aircraft and make sure they fit in the spot you want, for example, you wouldn’t have an A380 in a GA spot, I would say a max of ACJ and BBJ.


I’ll take gate 03 to TTPP please


It looks like I lost my gate to Trinidad for some reason…


Actually, it’s correct.

The insert date feature (used in the first post), automatically views as your local (device) time. Because you live in New Jersey, which is UTC-5, it will view as Tomorrow at 1:00PM. Someone who lives in California (UTC-8), would have it shown as Tomorrow at 10:00AM etc etc.

No more having to search for Zulu to local time conversions.


oh okay. My apologies


Could you remove me please? I have a conflicting event I signed up a while ago. Sorry.


Can I take Gate 07? DAL 737 to KATL


Could I take GA RAMP 05, TBM-930, we’ll be flying to KTMB.


Just realized the conflicting event was next week (lol)

I will take a CCX up to Miami Please. Any GA spot. Thanks!


Everyone who is attending should now be updated, if there seems to be a mistake, please let me know. :)