[Departed] Tropical Traversal @ MKJP - 121800ZJAN19

Tropical Traversal at Norman Manley Int’l Airport

Server: Expert

Airport: MKJP - Norman Manley Int’l Airport

Date/Time: 2019-01-12T18:00:00Z

NOTAM: All participants should spawn in at least 15 minutes early to prepare their aircraft for its departure. Participants should also use Unicom/ATC (if present) correctly and maintain professionalism. Pilots are expected to create their own flight plan to their destination or use one from their real-life counterpart, information on this can be found in #tutorials or in an event PM at a later date.

About This Event

Norman Manley International airport is one of Jamaica’s 3 major commercial airports. Norman Manley serves the city of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. It is the second busiest airport in all of Jamaica, second only to Sangster International Airport. This will be a fly-out event from MKJP, with commercial and general aviation aircraft departures. If you would like to request a gate, please let me know which one below. If you would like to change a route for a certain gate that is perfectly fine, just make sure it is flown in real life.

Below is the list of aircraft and airlines participating in the event, if there is a mistake or you would like to change something please let me know.

Airline List
Airline ICAO Aircraft
Air Canada ACA A319, B767
American Airlines AAL B737
British Airways BAW B777
Carribean Airlines BWA B737
Delta Airlines DAL B737
JetBlue JBU A320, A321
Spirit Airlines NKS A320
WestJet WJE 737

Gate Reservations: To reserve a gate, please comment the gate you would like, and if you would like to change the route.

Gate Airline & Aircraft Route Pilot
Gate 01 BWA 737 to TAPA @airjonathan1
Gate 02 BWA 737 to MYNN @Javaro_Davis
Gate 03 BWA 737 to TTPP @Lee88
Gate 04 AAL 737 to KMIA @esant_15
Gate 05 WJE 737 to CYYZ @SpiritA319
Gate 06 BAW B777 to EGKK @Marnz
Gate 07 DAL 737 to KATL @Clocktapus
Gate 08 NKS A320 to KFLL @Aviation-21
Gate 09 JBU A320 to KFLL @alfnat

General Aviation Reservations: To reserve a GA spot, please comment your GA spot, your preferred aircraft, and your destination.

GA Spots
Spot Aircraft Route Pilot
GA Ramp 01 Any GA Any Destination
GA Ramp 02 Any GA Any Destination
GA Ramp 03 C208 MTPP @Balloonchaser
GA Ramp 04 CCX KMIA @Luke_Sta
GA Ramp 05
GA Ramp 06 TBM-930 MWCR @Cpt.Paul
GA Ramp 07 TBM-930 TLPL via TNCM @iLike2Fly_787

Thank you for participating in this event, if there is anything you have questions about, feel free to PM me (@Aceorbit) or leave a comment down below. Enjoy your flight. :)

Image Source: Development Bank of Jamaica Limited


Awesome event, and thanks for showcasing this wonderful airport.

I’ll be sure to share with the Caribbean Virtual folks!

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Gate 8 to KFLL please.

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Hello Aviation-21,
Thank you for participating, I’ll put you in. :)

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I’ll take Gate 3 to Trinidad!

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You are in, thank you for joining. :)

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I will take
Gate: GA Ramp 07
Aircraft: Daher TBM-930
Route/Dest. - St. Lucia (TLPL) VIA Princess Juliana (TNCM)

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I’ll take the Delta Gate to ATL :)

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You both are in, enjoy your flights. :)

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Thanks for adding me!

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sign me up for a gate
to mybs (bahamas)
aircraft crj 700

Hi Javaro, is this an actual route flown from this airport? I was unable to find anything for it on flight aware. The purpose of this event is to be a realistic flyout.

my bad MYNN bahamas

Are you okay with taking a 737 as that is what BWA uses on this route?

ok I can do that

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Got you in for Gate 02, enjoy your flight. :)

Hi @Aceorbit, I would like the GA Ramp 06
I will take the TBM-930
My destination will be MWCR

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I shall put you in, enjoy your flight. :)

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Thank you @Aceorbit

Can I take the Caribbean 737 to Antigua?

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