[Departed] Thomas Cook Virtual - Mexican Retreat @ EGCC - 272200ZJAN18

Join Thomas Cook Virtual for a hop across the pond to Mexico. Enjoy the scenic approach to Cancun with coral blue oceans and golden beaches!

Event Details

Starting Airport: EGCC (Manchester)
Ending Airport : MMUN (Cancun)
Start: 2200z
Flight Time: Around 11/12hrs
End Time: 0900z - 1000z
When: 28th January 2018
Server: Training

NOTAM: Please fly the Condor McDonnell Douglas DC10 and spawn in a few minutes early to copy FPL (which you can find below).

Flight Details

VS3000, 240kts (below 10,000ft)
VS3000, 320kts (above 10,000ft)
Reduce Speed at FL260 to avoid violation

FL350, 0.80 Mach

At own discretion



Terminal 1 Stand 01 - @Ethan11
Terminal 1 Stand 02 - @Rob_Shore
Terminal 1 Stand 04 - @KyleLemon8
Terminal 1 Stand 05 - @oconoTCVA
Terminal 1 Stand 06 - @WardellStephenCurry
Terminal 1 Stand 07 - @PilotE.E
Terminal 1 Stand 08 - @Davidberman
Terminal 1 Stand 09 - @Niklas3
Terminal 1 Stand 010 -
Terminal 1 Stand 011 -
Terminal 1 Stand 012 -
Terminal 1 Stand 015 -
Terminal 3 Stand 016 -
Terminal 3 Stand 017 -
Terminal 3 Stand 018 -
Terminal 3 Stand 041 -
Terminal 3 Stand 042 -

More gates can be added if needed. When requesting a gate please tell me what callsign you’ll be using.

Air Traffic Control;
EGCC Ground - @Sam_Tom
EGCC Tower - @Sam_Tom

MMUN Tower -
MMUN Ground -
MMUN Approach -

Hope to see as many of you here!

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It may be advisable to follow these guidelines -

Should be fun ill take a gate


I’ll take a gate Ethan.

Roger that, Dylan!!!


Plenty of gates available everyone, don’t miss out on this event :)

I’ll be there.

Callsign: EKDB

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Okay, sorted. See you tomorrow :)

Event start is in 7hrs

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Please get me a gate

Yes of course, what callsign will you be using?

I would have loved to join but I’m currently en route to LCY from JFK.

That’s such a shame, on the other hand enjoy your flight


Thanks mate, hope you enjoy.


Can I have a gate please,

Yes, take gate “Terminal 1 Stand 10 and spawn right now :)

Is it possible to still hop over?

Yes of course, take T1, stand 4. As he has pushed at taxied, be quick! @Cpt_elpuru

Had to run… sorry about that

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Not a problem. Thank you for your interest.