[DEPARTED] The Super Duper San Diego Fly-Out/Fly-In!

Well, San Diego isn’t massive at all, so…

by massive i mean make it look like a normal event so add gate assignments etc.

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I think I’ll just leave it the way it is.

You wouldn’t consider changing this event to July 4, 5 or 6 would you?

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No, sorry, I can’t. My parents don’t allow it.

If you could change it to the 3rd I would join! But I might on the second.

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Alright! But, I can’t… 👆

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@NvAviator, are you going to make it? You marked “Not Going”.

739 to portland alaska for me

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Great! Thanks for coming!

Anyone wanna take Departure/Approach/Center?

738 United to Denver if possible

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Great! (There are no Gate Assignments, but I appreciate you commenting your flight!) Thanks for coming!

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Event in 2 days!!!

Everyone who clicked “Going”:


See ya there!

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Yes, sir! You’re still down for ATC, @Myrightsock, correct?

Yes sir!!!



Sorry man. I cant go. Working.

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No worries!