[Departed] The Mega Orlando Flyout

Can you make this available for Training and Expert?

This one please!

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Could I have the Air Canada a330 to Toronto gate 38 plz

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unfortunately I can not sorry

of course welcome to the community

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New event in Florida

Okay. I asked because I do not have Grade 3 yet.

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Hi I am
Gate 42A|Azul Airlines|A359-900|Campinas

And I was wondering if I could change my destination to Buenos Aires because timing is weird


Work towards it, you still have 15 days!

15 days till what?

this event! what are your stats right now?

That is what I am doing!

I shall change you
(Just so you know Buenos Aires is farther)

Thanks so much

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Uh idk. But not close to Grade 3…

Nope. I am not but it is one of my favorite flights.

unfortunately you have to be SWAV to join

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Welp okay.

Feel free to be another gate though

| Gate 54 | JetBlue | A320 | La Guardia / LGA |

This please.

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