[DEPARTED] The Mega Dublin Flyout! I @EIDW

Welcome to the Mega Dublin Flyout!

Hello Infinite flight community, and welcome my first ever event, and to the Dublin Flyout! My name is @Jay003, and I will be hosting this event. Dublin is a city in Ireland. Dublin airport servers over 28.1 million a year. Dublin airport opened in the 1940’s, and manly servers as a hub for Aer Lingus.

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: Dublin International Airport (EIDW)
Date & Time: 2023-06-24T19:00:00Z


Terminal 1
Gate: Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
107 London Stansted RyanAir 737-800
111L Glasgow RyanAir 737-800
111R Pairs RyanAir 737-800
120L London Gatwick RyanAir 737-800 @MrGoatX
120C Kerry RyanAir 737-800
120R Manchester RyanAir 737-800 @United403
121L Venice RyanAir 737-800 @AviationJack
121 Bucharest RyanAir 737-800
127 Naples RyanAir 737-800
201 London British Airways A321 @Harrison_EGLL
202 London British Airways E-190
203C Amsterdam KLM 737-800
205R Frankfurt Lufthansa A319
206T Helsinki Finnair E-190
207T Paris Air France A319 @RagonDragon
311L Keflavik IcelandAir 757-200 @ayyjay
307 Birmingham Ryanair 737-800 @Planecrazy747
108C Liverpool Ryanair 737-800
108R Paris Air France A319
312 Istanbul Turkish 737-900
318C Frankfurt Lufthansa A320
Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
311C Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines B787
313C Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways 787-9 @CompetitiveDivide320
314 Dubai Emirates. 777-300 @poncho41
315C Doha Qatar Airways 787-8 @MANDELA
317 Los Angeles Aer Lingus A330
318C San Francisco United B772 @Stephen_Day
400 Dubai Emirates 777W
401L New York Aer Lingus A330 @dipiesi
403L Newark United 787-10 @Airplanefan1
403C Malaga Aer Lingus A330 @yenier_Rodriguez
404L Chicago Aer Lingus A330
404R Atlanta Delta A330 @Apple_Haye
405T Dubai Emirates B777
407C London Aer Lingus A320 @NonStopPopFM
408C Boston Aer Lingus A330 @Flyin.Hawaiian
409C San Fransisco Aer Lingus A330 @AntequeraAirlanes
411T Boston Aer Lingus A330 @Jetblue1269
413 Calgary WestJet B789
414 Orlando Aer Lingus A330 @LuckyRc
415 Manchester Aer Lingus A320 @Emanuel_Jrs
416 Amsterdam Aer Lingus A320 @Bay_Area_Aviation
417 Philadelphia American Airlines B787
418 Cleveland Delta B767 @AviationJack

You get to choose aircraft, route etc.

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Number Pilot

You get to choose aircraft, route etc.

Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Number Pilot


Ground: @Jay003
Tower: @Jay003
Dublin Center:


  • I am not responsible for any violations issue during the event
  • Follow all given ATC instructions
  • Act professionally
  • If ATC is not present, please use the Unicom frequency correctly
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy!

This is my first event ever hosted. Please let me know if I’m missing any information or if I should add anything. I hope to see you there.

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Me me me me

That’s all yours!

I wish this was on ts

How far are you from expert server? You still have over a month.

Ummm yeah I’m currently banned until January

Oh. I’m sorry about that.

This to Boston please and A330-300, please

All yours!

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As my countries biggest airport i say yes baby

Do you have a specific gate/route you want?

Na ill prob go to lax or smth or ord if and when its out

actually can i have this?

Sure all yours!

408C to boston after @Flyin.Hawaiian

Dude just take a different gate don’t steal others

this but to Seattle please

mine please

Nice choice all yours!

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All yours!