DEPARTED: The Indonesian Jakarta Flyout!

Hello Infinite Flight Pilots!

Imagine you’re at Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Indonesia, and you’re surrounded by Garuda Indonesia plane. Where do you want to fly to? Wanna go on a vacation to Denpasar? You could fly wherever you want with Garuda Indonesia!

Here’s some information about Jakarta:

Jakarta is at the northeastern coast of Java Sea, and is on the worlds most populated island. Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia AND Southeast Asia. The population of Jakarta is about 11,000,000. That’s why there is 2 major airports in Jakarta which includes Soekarno Hatta Airport (WIII), our airport for the flyout.

Jakarta, Indonesia🇮🇩

Event Information

Date and time: 2023-11-25T15:00:00Z2023-11-25T16:40:00Z

Server: Training

Origin: WIII

Destination (For Denpasar): WADD

Flight Time (For Denpasar): 01:40

Flight plan: Please copy @SamB777’s flight plan for Denpasar

Cruising Altitude (For Denpasar): 35,000 ft, 37,000 ft, 39,000 ft. YOU DECIDE!!!

Here’s some pictures of our flyout airport and our main destination airport:

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport (WIII)🇮🇩

Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport (WADD)🇮🇩

Gate Assignments

Jakarta to Denpasar Group Flight
Gate Landing Gate Aircraft User
G14 A34 Garuda Indonesia B737-800
G13 A38 Garuda Indonesia B737-800
G12 A39 Garuda Indonesia B737-800
G16 A32 Garuda Indonesia A330-300
G19 A30 Garuda Indonesia A330-900 @member_of_oneworld
G23 A28 Garuda Indonesia B777-300ER @SamB777
G26 A26 Garuda Indonesia B777-300ER @Fuyanmingde
G63 A40 Citilink A320-200
Terminal 1A
Gate Destination Aircraft User
A72 Surabaya Super Air Jet A320-200
A62 Surabaya Super Air Jet A320-200
A52 Batam Super Air Jet A320-200
A42 Medan Super Air Jet A320-200
A32 Pontianak Super Air Jet A320-200
Terminal 1B
Gate Destination Aircraft User
B12 Benjarmasin Super Air Jet A320-200
B22 Yogyakarta Super Air Jet A320-200
B31 Makassar Super Air Jet A320-200
B33 Pekanbaru Super Air Jet A320-200
Terminal 1C
Gate Destination Aircraft User
C23 Palembang Super Air Jet A320-200
C33 Palembang Super Air Jet A320-200
Terminal 2F
Gate Destination Aircraft User
F42 Balikpapan Batik Air A320-200
F41 Samarinda Batik Air A320-200
Terminal 2E
Gate Destination Aircraft User
E42 Lombok Batik Air A320-200
E41 Lombok Batik Air A320-200
Terminal 2D
Gate Destination Aircraft User
D42 Balikpapan Lion Air B737-900
Terminal 3
Gate Destination Aircraft User
G31 Kuala Lumpur Garuda Indonesia B737-800
G34 Kuala Lumpur Garuda Indonesia B737-800
G37 Singapore Garuda Indonesia B737-800
G39 Amsterdam Garuda Indonesia B777-300ER
G43 Jeddah Garuda Indonesia B777-300ER
G46 Jeddah Saudia B777-300ER
G49 Jeddah Lion Air A330-900 @anon87523340
G53 Singapore Singapore Airlines B777-300ER
G56 Sydney Garuda Indonesia A330-300 @Apple_Haye
G64 Surabaya Citilink A320-200

ATC Assignments

Jakarta Ground:
Jakarta Tower:


  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • If no ATC please use Unicom correctly
  • Use good ground separation when taxiing
  • Have Fun!
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I‘d like to use the 777-300ER

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Sure, for which flight?

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Can’t join bc of expert sadly

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Just Jakarta to Denpasar Group


I’m sorry. I’ll be mainly hosting training events after this.

Ok you’re fine. Host whatever events you want :)

Got it! I’ll put you at gate G26!

@member_of_oneworld you know what, since nobody has joined, I’ll change this to Training…

This but in a lion air a339

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Sure! Thanks for joining

Okay!, fine with me

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Can i get this one plz?

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Sure! Thanks for joining!!! I might just change this into a group flight tho

Ok!, No problem

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Bumping this up!

Anyone wants to join?

Almost day for the event!

I’ll take Sydney

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Thank you :) Great choice!