(DEPARTED)ST Helena Island Group Flight @FYWB 042300ZAPR20

Was this inspired by Jeb Brooks’s Video?

Sign me up!


HaaH obously

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will do, just make sure to read the important/attention in bold above

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Got it! See you then!

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also if this appeals to you guys @Jarrett_Schiedemeyer i am hosting another event if you would like to join


4th of May is a looooooong time. Are you sure it isn’t in April?
Oh and be sure to check this out:

Thanks in advance mate

aaa yes thanks it is today

Thank you :), have a nice flight

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Please spawn at :45 dont forget to read the important

Sorry but I can’t join. I need to be awake tomorrow. Got this planned:
First round trip: Europe

Will start in Geneva, then fly to Dublin for my fellow Dutch guy that has his first session, after that to East Midlands (as a promise), then it’ll be Eindhoven I think.
Finally after Eindhoven I’ll go straight to New York (BBJ power)

Second round trip: North America

Will start from New York, fly to Washington and to Denver. San Diego is next. Will do a hop to Honolulu for refuel and such and try to make it to Shanghai.

Trip around the world

Cruise altitude is 34000 feet
Mach .85
take off 4NM appart of others spacing is verry important

please spawn in and taxi to the end of the runway, thanks

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takeoff with be at 5:00 on the dot

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So sorry! I must have misread this! I thought this was the 4 of May! I can’t join. :( sorry for the late notice!

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hey its all right thanks tho

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Yeah I’m really sorry! Have a wonderful flight though!

Hey I just wanted to show a video in which Jeb got his inspiration. This video came out multiple months prior, and I thought deserved some credit. It’s a mini documentary by a guy who studies airline logistics. Check it out it gives a ton more information about the airport than Jeb gives, and is probably where he got that info.


wow this is really cool thanks for sharing


I sure will! Thank you!

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Yeah it’s got all the behind the scenes stuff with interviews with the head of the airport and stuff like that