[DEPARTED!] Spread the Peace! With Love & Peace @KATL ~ 192000ZJAN20

Hello everyone!

In honor of Mr. Martin Luther King, I wanted to create an event. However, not everyone knows about Mr. MLK and how he changed the course of history by preaching about peace.

In times of rising tensions between several countries, I thought, how about an event that brings everyone together and fly without the tensions of the world, and to relax and enjoy.

Server: Expert

Departure City: Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. (KATL)

Time: 2020-01-19T20:00:00Z

Additional Information: There are no gates for signup and an unlikely to no chance that IFATC will operate.

Please let me know if you will join below! We’d love to take pictures and tag you as well!

Just spawn at the time in any gate that hasn’t been taken. If there are any problems, please let me know. Thanks!


Name Destination
@TRDubh Bermuda (TXKF)
@ran New York-JFK (KJFK)

I’ll be there. It’ll be nice to have a casual flight to KACY

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I’d like to join I’ll fly to KCHO

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Thanks @NathanD and @TRDubh! :)

Anyone else who’d like to join? Let’s spread the peace tomorrow at KATL!

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I won’t assign gates, but I’ll add who all joined to the post. If you’d like to join, let me know :)

Let’s spread the peace tomorrow!

I’m really sorry I ended up getting too many violations and am now grade 2 so I will not be able to attend

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Alright! Got you covered @NathanD! Hope to see you in the future! :)

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Thanks once again sorry about that hope your event goes smoothly!

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We will be departing in 2 hours! Sign up!

@SB110 and @Jack_Q, would you like to join?

@Imyash_Sharma, notification.

@LeonardIF18, @Infinite_flight_play, @Simon_Botero, the usual notification.

Thanks for asking, but I can’t come. I’m sorry, I don’t have the time today.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! 🥳

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Yep I can’t come either, got a ton of studying to do for exams next week.


It’s alright @Jack_Q and @SB110

Anyone else? We leave in about 1 hour!!! Let’s spread peace around the world!

Hey everyone! I forgot to announce that I will be flying from Atlanta as well. It will be most likely JFK, but can change.

I will be recording my flight for my second video on my YouTube channel as well, so heads up.

@ran May want to hold off on that flight. Winds are howling at ATL rn. Lest you think you can handle a 25kt crosswind

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Let’s see how it goes.

@TRDubh, are you going to be there in 20 minutes?

(Gives a like to this bc I ran out of likes XD)

(Gives a like to this too bc I ran out of likes XD)

Thanks for understanding. Have fun! (10 mins to go)

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Spawning in now

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Um, okay? I was going to spawn in another 10 minutes though… hahaha

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