Departed | Sponsored by Southwest Virtual | The Silicon Valley Flyout @ KSJC - 232000ZFEB19

I will take B25 to DEN. See you there!

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Oh okay. Thought you might be pumped since it’s KSJC, you know.

I am pumped and happy that it is KSJC and KSJC is getting featured but I don’t always have to join

Anyways, I can’t wait for this event…nice to see KSJC crowded hopefully

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@SouthernDude Do you want a gate ?

And @BigBert10, you do not want a gate ?

This event is a little unrealistic (especially the gate for Hainan since it does not fit a heavy, it is actually a Southwest gate)

Also, I for some reason recall already being signed up for an event happening on the same date as this one

I just used it as there are not many gates in Terminal B that actually fit 788s

The only international gates at San Jose are Gates 15-18 (you could give people a choice there)

Gate 21 is a Southwest gate and is therefore too small to accomodate a 788.

That is why I closed the gate next to it and due to a “road” for the airport cars between the 2, it fit fine

I’ll take Gate B23 to KMCO in a 738

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I changed the format and some gates around… Hope you like it!

Note: The Hainan 788 was removed completely

Also, I have added you @JeromeJ

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Can u add me to gate B22 to KSAN please? Callsign: SWA429

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I can still come!

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Yes, I’ll take a gate.

A13 please

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You guys are in! See you there!

@SouthernDude, Where do you want to fly with the Southwest aircraft ?


Edit - No more Southwest gates left!

Can I have the British Airways 787-900 to heathrow? Thanks.

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Can I be added to this event swa810

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Which gate would you like ? Unfortunately there are no WN gates left… You can fly Alaska though. They fly to many places out of SJC

Gate 29 to KSEA please. :) I’ll be representing part of Alaska Virtual there thanks.

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What aircraft would you like ? I have put you down with the 739, but would you like a different one ?

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