Departed | Sponsored by Southwest Virtual | The Silicon Valley Flyout @ KSJC - 232000ZFEB19


Actually can I use a A320? :)


Less than one month until this event! Check out the event and get a gate while you still can!


Terminal A Gate 05 please


Thanks for signing up! You have been added and see you there!


Lots of gates left if you want to join! Getting closer to February 23!


This event is now part of the Southwest Virtual Event Schedule!



Less than 2 weeks 'till this event! Sign up while you can for commercial, cargo, or general aviation gates!


Can i get a standby Southwest Gate?


Yes! If anyone drops out, you will be the first to know!

After I add myself because I totally forgot to when creating this event :)


Hahaha Yea thx btw :) if not ill take another gate :)


There are still quite a few Alaska gates, international routes, a Hawaiian gate, and some other airline gates :)


Love that airport. Wish I could come but I’m busy sorry.


No problem. See you at my San Francisco event instead!


Ill take Frontier to Denver never hurts trying Frotier :)


Do you have a callsign ready, or will you decide that later ?


I will decide that in the morning ;)


You have been added to the event! See you there and thanks for joining!


Only 9 days until this event! Be sure to grab a gate with one of the many airlines!

Note that all Southwest gates have been filled :)


Southwest gate opening up!

I can not attend anymore, sorry.


That is fine! Hope to see you some other time!

Lol, I stole the Southwest gate because I forgot to add myself in ;)