[Departed] South Africa Coast to Coast @ FALE - 190330ZFEB19

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  • Aircraft and Livery : 737-800 British Airways (ComAir)
  • Route : FALE-FACT
  • Time of Departure : 0330Z
  • Server : Expert
  • Flight Time : 1hr 55mins

I’ll be at Gate A02

We will be flying in the IFATC Zone Today with a 1 hr and 50min flight from FALE in the Eastern part of South Africe all the way to the Western part of South Africa to the beaches of Cape Town. We will be cutting straight across South Africa through all the beauty and into the coast of South Africa.

Flight Plan can be copied off of me N7TTA

Thanks for joining me and thread below if you want to join

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Leavin in 5 make sure to join

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